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I joined this crazy place on 2007-06-16, 11 years ago.

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I am almost a native of Kingwood. Moved here in 1977, from California.Three of my grandkids live here, I am very fortunate to have them close by. I Live & work here and love the trees, the trails, and the friends I have here. Like to ride my bike, dine out, etc.

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2 bodies found in house in Kings Mill - 6 years ago

The news just said they were fully clothes on top of the bed...Hes 43 shes 15

2 bodies found in house in Kings Mill - 6 years ago

It is tragic that teens and young adults want to hurt them self..Parents preach to their kids, but then they have peer pressure, or to much time on their hands and get into drugs...By heart goes out t...

2 bodies found in house in Kings Mill - 6 years ago

Kingwood was an unicorporated community when we were annexed many years ago..thats why they were able annex us..

Woman Causes Crash While Shaving Bikini Area - 7 years ago

What happened off of Rock Springs today? Was on the news..but I missed it.

Who is that great hair stylist/salon in the area? - 8 years ago

I have gone to Jon, he is good and always pleasant. I use Sara as she can handle my hair better, it is not think and knows what styles work best with my hair and will be easy for me to take care of!!...

New places near Starplex Movies - 8 years ago

We have a nice theater on Northpark and I have heard other stores will be building up their. Also have heard we will be getting a Costco somewhere in the Kingwood area or very nearby. Anyone know abo...

Cracker Barrel - 8 years ago

My husband keeps asking me when Cracker Barrel will open..anyone have a clue?

Please Pray for my family - 9 years ago

I pray for all of your family..may the prayers come through

What happened at Lake Houston and Kingwood dr yesterday early morning - 9 years ago

Anyone know what happened, roped off streets, police cars, etc.


INJURED BLACK LAB HOME NOW Missing injured (hit & run) is back home now, at about 4AM this morning he found his way home, injured getting hime checked out...Thanks for your concerns

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