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I joined this crazy place on 2011-04-10, 8 years ago.

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I am a fulltime nurse and full time chef. I have my own business cooking homemade meals for families who cherrish the special time around the table with thier families but don't have time to prepare the meal. I am a single woman who owns her own home in Forest Colony Sub. I am a dog lover and I have a Golden Retriever & a Sheltie.

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LOST DOG- Golden Retriever in Kings River - 7 years ago

Stephanie, I am so sorry your baby is missing. I have a Golden as well. I live in Porter but I will diffently keep my eyes open for him. Praying you find him soon.

Looking for someone good to put in hardwood floors?? - 7 years ago

Going to redo my entire home with hardwood but want someone good & reasonable. If anyone has any comments on how they like hardwood verses something else I would like to hear the comments. I have even...

Excellent veggies and fruit = Farmer bill"s stand!!! - 7 years ago

I can't get enough of his fresh pea's of all kinds! I serve them with one of his Fresh tomatoes & onions and can't forget his homemade Chow Chow!!! YUM YUM!!! I am thinking about changing my diet to...

Need to find knowledgeable n caring family physician - 7 years ago

Dr.Sebastian Scobercia is a FANTASTIC doc. He practices at Kelsey Seybold in KW. 713-442-2100. He lives in KW & goes to church in KW. Very good doctor who really cares about all his patients.

~~~~~WARNING ON FARMER BILL'S PRODUCE~~~~~ - 7 years ago

You take the East River exit off 59, turn rt on E.River & go down 2 miles. I know he takes checks but no cards.

Landscaping - 7 years ago

Would love to see pics! Trying to decide what I want to do with my 1/2 acre back yard.Do they have a website?

(2nd update) Please Help Dot - She's Going Home Tues. - 7 years ago

What a sweet baby!

Did ya hear we may get some tropical weather next week? - 7 years ago

BRING IT ON!!!! It's sad when my water bill is higher than my electric. I just can't let my flowers or yard die.

Whats for dinner tonight? - 7 years ago

Farmer Bill's fresh peas are fantastic!! and add some of his Chow Chow with the peas!

Um, is it possible... - 7 years ago

Very much so!!!

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