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I joined this crazy place on 2006-09-12, 12 years ago.

» save Saturn as my FRIEND - HOSER

Saturn was my wife's screen name on KU for 10 years, but she passed away in April of 2016, as the result of Cancer, but I decided to keep her KU screen name. Me, I'm a 1969 Disabled Vietnam Veteran - Retired - now Widowed - Four Grandchildren - Favorite pass time is having my morning coffee on the deck with the dogs and tending to my yard and garden.

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I'm okay with the temperature, but I can do without the rain.

Elizabeth Smart's Rapist/Kidnapper About to go free - 35 days ago

She needs to stay in prison for the rest of her miserable life. What she did is simply reprehensible.

LOUD 90s model white ford - 44 days ago

This is Texas, pickups are the norm ... Let her rip!

RIP John McCain - 45 days ago

[i]Wheres Trump[/i] The sorry SOB spent the day golfing.

RIP John McCain - 46 days ago

[i]But his Daughter Megan's eulogy...Wow what a tribute[/i] Yes it was and it came from her heart.

RIP John McCain - 47 days ago

[i]Fair Winds And Following Seas, Shipmate.[/i]

trump doesn?t know the colors of the flag - 53 days ago

[i]He colored in a blue stripe. He continually demonstrates the intelligence of republicans. [/i] Just a suggestion, fuzz, but you need to tone down your provocative rhetoric regarding Republicans....

Handicap Parking violator... - 54 days ago

I have Disabled Veteran Tags on my car and it amazes me how many times I've searched a parking lot for a handicapped parking spot, only to find someone parked in one that doesn't have disabled tags, o...

Pass the popcorn! - 55 days ago

[i]Had one of those in the Navy. It was the USS Neversail. Just a mockup - not the real thing. [/i] When I went through boot camp in 68' (San Diego) we had one, too, but I thought it was the USS Re...

Mollie Tibbetts search: An undocumented immigrant has been charged with first-degree murder - 56 days ago

[i]He is here legally. [/i] I'm not sure how you arrived at that conclusion, but no he was not here legally.

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