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I joined this crazy place on 2006-09-12, 11 years ago.

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Saturn was my wife's screen name on KU for 10 years, but she passed away in April of 2016, as the result of Cancer, but I decided to keep her KU screen name. Me, I'm a 1969 Disabled Vietnam Veteran - Retired - now Widowed - Four Grandchildren - Favorite pass time is having my morning coffee on the deck with the dogs and tending to my yard and garden.

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Trey Takes Apart Storzok - 10 days ago

Since it was broadcasted on all networks, I'm guessing that I did. What did I miss that you watched?

Trey Takes Apart Storzok - 10 days ago

It's simply incredible how these "lawmakers" are behaving. All of them, not just Republicans but Democrats too, are behaving like children. And that's not to suggest that Strzok's credibility is...

Why has no one mentioned Cavenaugh as Trump's SC nominee? - 11 days ago

[i]she is almost lesbian like with a certain moderator? [/i] Again, you need some serious, serious therapy.

Melanias 800$ shoes - 11 days ago

[i] Squinty chinaman eyes[/i] You need some serious therapy.

Remember word games? - 11 days ago


Remember word games? - 12 days ago


Melanias 800$ shoes - 12 days ago

[i]I hope she ends up with bunions!![/i] Why would you hope she ends up with bunions? She's a very attractive lady, as is Michelle Obama.

Remember word games? - 12 days ago


Why has no one mentioned Cavenaugh as Trump's SC nominee? - 12 days ago

ATD, anyone of average intelligence (and I say that with tongue in cheek with respect to KU) knew who you meant ...

Another One For The Liberals - 14 days ago

[i]Stupid stuff like: *Pro-birth v pro-choice. A freedom republicans try to repeal. *Pro-Union v Pro Corporation I could go on but explaining important things to stupid people is like talking to a ...

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