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I joined this crazy place on 2006-10-24, 12 years ago.

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I sometimes drink too much, cuss like a sailor and like to make people happy. I try really hard to be a real stand-up kinda gal, who is usually misunderstood but thinks she's really really funny! Heed caution to my threads, I wasn't given the gift of biting my tongue..

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Park Cafe - 3 years ago

Got it. I left $50 as credit in my account and redeemed the other $50 for Nicole's Italian Restaurant in Porter.

Park Cafe - 3 years ago

They're saying: We cannot exchange at this time, try again later. Ugh.

Park Cafe - 3 years ago

Yup, I can exchange them! Just Stuck, you're so AWESOME! That's $100 worth taken care of. Sweet.

Park Cafe - 3 years ago

OMG. I need to go check now! Yay!

Park Cafe - 3 years ago

^^^^^What site was that????

Hillary's slamming them all! That's my girl!! - 3 years ago

I'm not looking for anyone to attack me, shun me, berate me, degrade me, I'm going to give my FIRST EVER KU political opinion. I'll probably regret it. I like Hillary Clinton. I really do. I think...

Park Cafe - 3 years ago

Tony - My question: Okay, you were the owner until August 2014. New owners took over then? Are these the same new owners that own it now? Or is this now the 3rd set of owners in 8 months time?

Discard your Blue Bell... - 3 years ago

[i]But it's sooooooo good! LOL [/i] It is!!!! Kroger's Private Selection is pretty darn delish too. Or those Magnum bars. My word. I have to eat the Skinny Cow or Weight Watchers ones. Oh w...

- 3 years ago

[i]We chatted briefly at the HEB in Kingwood last Friday evening about a gym, but I was just as nervous as you. I'm older than I look/than you think. Respond to this, or text or call the number that w...

Discard your Blue Bell... - 3 years ago

I wouldn't risk my kids even possibly getting Listeria for a $6 gallon of ice cream. Well, I don't have kids but still... I've heard some parents say the extremely SMALL possibility isn't worth dum...

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