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Grease Monkey

I joined this crazy place on 2007-02-11, 12 years ago.

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I'm 38, have wonderful wife and 2 great kids. I love to work on cars, fish, and camp with my family.

latest comments

When I asked for help and ideas.... - 9 years ago

Count our family in. I hardly ever log on so let Karen know how we can help.

the things we do as parents....funny story...... - 9 years ago

The boys made my wife an omlet with pork roast, parmesan cheese (alot of it), tabasco sauce, and green beans. She ate every bite. Then there was the breakfast in bed that she couldn't eat and flus...

hey karen#,s - 9 years ago

Girls, your humor is making my lil angel hurl!! Actually she is sick as hell has been all day. I'm sure that she will get even with you tomorrow for that remark, Fallon. lol

to my troll - 9 years ago

My wife gets alot of pm's from people who open accounts just to pm and then delete them too. The funny thing is, it's very obvious who is sending them.

They are up to something! - 9 years ago

That's why she bought it GM...I took the spray on Saturday! But where are the ones from Sunday? See, she's up to something!

They are up to something! - 9 years ago

K is a pure and innocent as anyone that I know...she has the heart of an angel and would NEVER do anything that is devious. That is only one of her personalities. I've been married to this ...

They are up to something! - 9 years ago

GM, you need to "Keep 'Em Separated"! They have been lately. They've both been too busy for mischief. Karen has enlisted our kids this time. These 3 when in cahoots are way worse than K...

They are up to something! - 9 years ago

I borrowed the bug spray on Saturday and didn't return it. Really? That's funny, she bought it on Sunday at Walmart. She is up to something!!!

They are up to something! - 9 years ago

You said your wife always gets them out of your son's closet for you. Maybe she wants you to get them yourself. No, this is the only time she has gotten them out of his closet and I do get ...

They are up to something! - 9 years ago

The wife and kids are definitely up to something. I just did my laundry but couldn't find any underwear. My wife gets them out of my son's closet for me. I sit outside, ask for some bug spray. ...

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