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I joined this crazy place on 2007-07-27, 13 years ago.

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Video Game Help! - 8 years ago

The one drawback to the 3DS is it won't play gameboy games. We have a lot of them for my son's DS because he always likes to see where the newest games got their start (like Mario games) and plays t...

Freezing Meals - 8 years ago

Gladware freezer containers are going on my shopping list! I always want to freeze soups but I never knew what to freeze them in! Thank you! Add Gumbo to my list of what I freeze.

Freezing Meals - 8 years ago

What foods do you freeze when you cook? How do you freeze them? I'm restocking my freezer and I'm wondering what the best containers and practices KU has that I just have no clue about! On my lis...

Who has a Dyson? Is it REALLY worth it???? - 8 years ago

I had a dyson die on me after 7 years. So I switched to another bag less because it was rated to be better than dyson for less money. I hated it after 6 months. It was rated for pets specifical...

Wow it's cold - 8 years ago

The one at the end of Russell Palmer Rd off Northpark. I don't go very often, but when I do go I stay a good hour. :)

Wow it's cold - 8 years ago

I'm going to take these dogs to the dog park later today so they can just enjoy a good run. Then maybe they'll want to come in. My other dog doesn't have a thick coat, but no way is he leaving her o...

Satan will enter my home - 8 years ago

You're not alone txdaddy, we will be getting one of these too this holiday. We have a WII right now but it seems that a lot of kids going into middle school and high school will already have an xbox ...

Grab you kids and watch Santa feed his reindeer live! - 8 years ago

Thank you so much! Thanks!!! :)

If Christmas isn't about the gifts and material stuff - 8 years ago

I blame commercials. When I fast forward through them all with my ds, he never has demands for things. When he's left to watch in real time, all of a sudden there's this LIST of what he doesn't have...

Wow it's cold - 8 years ago

My dogs are loving it - especially my husky girl. She's sunning herself like a snow bunny without the snow. Since its dropped I haven't been able to get her inside.

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