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I joined this crazy place on 2007-08-26, 16 years ago.

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Wassup, buttercup - 4 years ago

Everyone wants to be me. LOL

Wassup, buttercup - 4 years ago

It got boring beating up on the likes of Mark and his illegitimate sidekick, fuzzball. Had to go find some adults to play with.

Wassup, buttercup - 4 years ago

Fuzzball still suffering from TDS, I see.

Wassup, buttercup - 4 years ago

You guys still breathing in here?

Jussie Smollett..... - 4 years ago

You typed WAAAAAAY too much. "foolishness of the left" would have sufficed.

Cheering? He's probably funding the lawsuit. - 4 years ago

Even better discovery? Discovering Smollet was a liar.

Jussie Smollett..... - 4 years ago

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA........... The left was left looking like fools in this Smollet hoax.

China to buy 5-million tons of US soybeans per day - 4 years ago

More Trump winning. More liberal crying.

dow still on a crash course with 1929 - 4 years ago

Have we crashed yet?

Is Trump and better president than Obama? - 4 years ago

Most of that is pure fluff.

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