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I joined this crazy place on 2007-08-26, 9 years ago.

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So...Who pays for the uninsured's ER visit? - 14 days ago


Hobby lobby sued for stealing Iraqi artifacts - 14 days ago

LOL........... another FAIL from FuzzTrump

CNN's credibility completely destroyed in 1 simple video - 17 days ago

FuzzTrump is fan #1 of Alex Jones and Infowars.

So...Who pays for the uninsured's ER visit? - 17 days ago


AP and Failing NEw York Times Quietly Correct Fake News About President Trump - 17 days ago

[i]None of that has anything to do with whiny democrats.[/i] CNN pushing the fake Russian collusion story has EVERYTHING to do with whiny democrats.

So...Who pays for the uninsured's ER visit? - 17 days ago

Guess what drove up the visits to the ER?

Is insane behavior a reason for impeachment??? - 17 days ago

At least I know how Congress works.

Here is the reason why millineals ar the most easily triggered generation ever - 17 days ago

Anyone else have Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" playing in their head right now?

What are your objectives of a health care system - 17 days ago

Wow. That's some twisted thinking.

The Declaration of Independence: Pure Genius - 17 days ago

[i]They either don't understand or don't care.[/i] There's a lot of evidence currently present on KU to support this.

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