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I joined this crazy place on 2008-01-19, 10 years ago.

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I'm a jackass

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Trey Takes Apart Storzok - 5 days ago

Bestie is so full of hate and anger. Must be a hard way to get through life...

I Didnt Tip Some of These People - 5 days ago

[i]A fool and his money are soon parted. [/i] Money comes and goes. In my experience it comes a lot more than it goes. Spread it around a little, we?re all on the same team.

Why has no one mentioned Cavenaugh as Trump's SC nominee? - 5 days ago


I Didnt Tip Some of These People - 5 days ago

I was at a luau last year, went to the bar and got my first drink, tipped the bartender $20. Second drink I tipped him 10, after that I didn?t have to go to the bar for my drinks anymore.

Remember word games? - 5 days ago


12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 5 days ago

[i]I'm not outraged in the least, not even surprised at liberal's ignorant and wasteful behavior. That is business as usual for them. [/i] Do you scrutinize your own party as much or do you look...

Smart phones are making us Stupid - 5 days ago

Computers in general are making us stupid. They used to say that eventually humans would be able to utilize a larger percentage of our brain power, now we?re letting computers do all our thinking and ...

The Pence family business - 6 days ago

Yes get trump re-elected. He?s amazing for business....

12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 6 days ago

And that?s selective outrage. ^^^^^

12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 6 days ago

[i]It is a waste of money[/i] Selective outrage.

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