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Let Logic Prevail

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-26, 8 years ago.

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State Funeral George Herbert Walker Bush - 47 days ago

Looks to me like I can figure out what Amanita's deleted comment was, a put down of Trump. Yet a number of the posters here can attack Hillary Clinton and their comments stand. Do you really wonde...

State Funeral George Herbert Walker Bush - 47 days ago

[i]He served this country in many ways. And he and Barbara served the Houston community as well. Whether he's not of your party persuasion or not, it's sad that people are so bitter they can't see the...

State Funeral George Herbert Walker Bush - 49 days ago

Anyone else tuning this in? The loss of a great President and a kind man. One can't help but notice the contrast to the one in office right now.

America was great before Trump, he can make it great again! - 49 days ago

[i]America was great before Trump. He can make America great again if he resigns or dies of natural causes. [/i] Sad as it is to say I have to admit I agree with this sentiment. Make America...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - 49 days ago

[i]Narcissistic Personality Disorder[/i] What psychiatrists deem to be Trump's diagnosis.

Trump's pretzel logic - 76 days ago

[i]You are aware that it will just flip again in 2 years.[/i] Not at the rate they're going. Today we have the WH releasing a doctored video of Jim Acosta. The Fox and WH fake news multiplies...

Beto O'Rourke campaign caught spending funds to support Caravan Migrants - 77 days ago

Beto had to overcome a 10-15% deficit that all Democrats face in Texas. Considering that fact he did very well. We haven't heard the last of him. That's for sure. Glad to see Emmett got ousted...

Coming from a point of neutrality polically, ... - 82 days ago

[i]How do you get around Beto's own words? [/i] Cruz just accuses. No evidence and certainly nothing in context.

Beto O'Rourke campaign caught spending funds to support Caravan Migrants - 82 days ago

Project Veritas is a horrible source proven to be liars and fakes.

Woman Discovers Husband is a Viscious Internet Troll - 83 days ago

[i]If you go to Tinder or other hook up sites, there are tons of women on there looking for sex.[/i] How would you know?

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