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I joined this crazy place on 2010-09-25, 7 years ago.

» save JunkyBusiness as my FRIEND - HOSER

We are a locally owned and operated junk removal company with emphasis on recycling what we collect. Providing both FREE and Fee based services. We remove your dead/unwanted appliances and scrap metal at no cost to you and recycle it. Here is a small list of what we recycle: * Unwanted or non-working appliances * Refrigerators * Freezers * Washers * Dryers * Ovens * Dish Washers * Water Heaters * Water Softeners * Old batteries * Car * Truck * Boat/Marine * Tractor * Motorcycle * Alarms * Junk / Scrap Metal * Fitness Equipment * Playground Equipment (Metal parts only) * Ceiling Fans * Cans * Barrels * Car Parts * Fences * Bath Tubs * Wire * Copper * Iron * Steel * Mobile Home Skirting (metal only) * Filing Cabinets * Metal Chairs * Outside Equipment * Push Mowers * Riding Mowers * Tillers * Edgers * Weed Eaters * Bar B-que Pits * Swings * Trampolines * Patio Furniture * Gates * Chain Link Fencing - - - - Visit me at: JunkyBusiness.Com Our fee based services is everything else.

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Costco Gas - 342 days ago

Don't know about Townsend but I got diesel today at The Woodlands Costco for $2.09 a gallon.

New Farmer's Market, anyone been? - 1 years ago

[i]Old Reeves Furniture building. [/i] I'm not familiar with that building.. Where's it located?

Amazon order returned - 1 years ago

Amazon now has a new service that people can deliver packages for them. I call it the Amazon Uber. But I think it's called Amazon Flex. You can make some extra money delivering for them.

Volunteer Opportunities - 1 years ago

[i] twylas. Org.[/i] It's - No "s"

* $250 Junk Removal Special * - 2 years ago

Garage cleaning...... Only $250 to fill our trash trailer!* You point and we load the junk. Furniture, golf clubs, mattresses or any other household junk or unwanted items. Call for a free es...

Tar strips on the roads - 2 years ago

I originally thought they were pieces of tire left behind by a tractor trailer.

Costco-Never thought I would say this... - 2 years ago

If you keep your eye out, I see both Sams and Costco have offered memberships on Groupon at a discounted rate or they offer different coupons which helps save a lot of money. When I joined Costco I...

Dog got out :( - 2 years ago

Did he have a red harness?

Kingwood BOPA is May 21, 2016, 9 am to 1 pm - 2 years ago

BOPA - (Batteries, Motor and Cooking Oil, Latex Paint, Antifreeze and Scrap Metal) If you've got any of it laying around your home, garage, office or anywhere else - now's the time to recycle them!...

Kingwood BOPA is April 30, 2016 *****CANCELLED ****** - 2 years ago

[i]How can you get rid of an old TV? - a big smart TV? (63") . It works but needs a new lamp or something and I'm not interested in fixing it. [/i] Sorry I didn't see your message as I didn't have...

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