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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 4 years ago.

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Shiitake mushrooms - 2 days ago

No film, Emp, but ah the memories.

Shiitake mushrooms - 2 days ago

That sounds yummy Wayward!

Pollo Tropical - 2 days ago

What exactly are Carribean flavors? I know I'll like it, but they serve rice and beans as sides which El Pollo Loco does too. Maybe there's Carribean rice and bens!

Shiitake mushrooms - 2 days ago

Well, too late. I spent the night on the roof, naked, singing the sun will come out tomorrow!!

Shiitake mushrooms - 2 days ago

LOL. The stems are pooh pooh. I'm guessing they must not be the best part. The teeops are better but there is a distinct lack of flavor. The plain button mushrooms we see everywhere taste much be...

I found a baby turtle - 2 days ago

Oh man, poor little guy. I hate nature sometimes. :(

Shiitake mushrooms - 2 days ago

Anyone eat these raw? I hope they won't kill me. I read they are extremely healthy so I bought some and threw them in a salad. They're awful. No taste, horrible rubbery texture, just ICK. Is this ...

The Six Most Evil Presidents In U.S. History - 2 days ago

I think you all should join hands and sing Kumbuyah, or something else equally uniting. Lol

Word game........ - 2 days ago


Pollo Tropical - 2 days ago

Still sounds good and interesting, and different!

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