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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 3 years ago.

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These are the traits of those who TRULY believe in Christ. So, if you are wondering about someone and their dedication to their faith, this is a good guide line. Loving (John 13:35) Compassionate (Mt 25:35-40; Lk 10:33) Service-oriented (Mt 23:11) Sacrificing (Mt 19:21; Jas 2:14) Giving, Generous (Mt 5:42; Lk 3:11; Jas 2:15-16) Merciful (Mt 5:7; 18:33) Long-suffering (Mt 5:41) Patient (Lk 8:15; Jas 1:3; 2Pe 1:6; Rev 2:2-3; 19) Peacemaking (Mt 5:9) Forgiving (Mt 18:21, 35; ) Taking action on Jesus words (Mt 7:24-27) Meek, Gentle (Mt 5:5, 22) Humble (Mt 18:1-4; 23:12) Trusting, Faithful (Mt 6:25-34; Lk 12:21-24) Moral (Mt 15:19-20) Honorable, Having integrity (Mt 5:33-37) Prays (Mt 6:5) Fasts (Mt 6:16-18; 9:15) Value the Word of God (Lk 8:21; Mt 10:40-42) Not Materialistic (Mt 6:19-21; Rev 3:17; Lk 12:15) Not Judgmental (Mt 7:1-5) Not Self-righteous nor Hypocritical (Mt 24:51; 6:2, 5, 16; 23:13-29) Interesting that church attendance, paying tithes, or getting new members into your church doesn't qualify as 1. loving God with all your heart. Or 2. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Interesting that. :)

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Rapper Cuts off his Penis then jumps off second floor balcony - 2 days ago

I think Lorena Bobbit was there in spirit channeling that "less is more" thing.

Crestor - 2 days ago

The "new" news is that cholesterol isn't the true culprit, inflammation in the vessels is. If the inflammation is controlled then the vessels are opened enough to allow for some cholesterol to be ther...

Rethinking the treatment of alcoholism - 3 days ago

Somebody push Lynch down a trap door in the floor. Please tell me there is one. You need meds, JL. I wonder if Lipitor would help you.

Crestor - 3 days ago Yep it's the truth. I knew a guy on his 40's who had heart and cholesterol issu...

Rethinking the treatment of alcoholism - 3 days ago

That probably does seem strange if the basis for your observation is those you have known to have problems with alcohol. The author uses a different basis - "those who had qualified for a diagnosis of...

Should alcohol be sold in movie theater on North Park? - 3 days ago

No one is claiming it is necessary. It is optional I agree. Going to the movies itself is, in essence, unnecessary. Lol

Rethinking the treatment of alcoholism - 3 days ago

"Contrary to popular belief, most people recover from their addictions without any treatment?professional or self-help?regardless of whether the drug involved is alcohol, crack, methamphetamine, heroi...

Things that are ok if you are drunk. - 3 days ago

that is ABSOLUTELY FALSE your false "teachings" can cause people seeking God to be fooled...and may keep them from knowing Jesus Christ Now that right there was funny!! Hahaaaa

Things that are ok if you are drunk. - 3 days ago

Ashley is beyoutiful.

Things that are ok if you are drunk. - 3 days ago

JohnLynch --- 4 min ago - quote - hide comments this thread is just more proof of why God told us not to drink alcohol... Except he never said that. It said being drunk. You can drink and ...

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