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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 3 years ago.

» save SagaciousSighFiGurl as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am nice. I would offer a hug and some counseling to a rattlesnake. :D

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Advice Please (neighbor troubles) - 1 days ago

Very cute little girl. Lol

Pope declares Big Bang Theory and Evolution to be real! - 1 days ago

"No, because God told them what to write." Annnnnd we STILL don't know what exactly happened, so why do you deny God might not have been able to communicate the depth of it's complexity...

Pope declares Big Bang Theory and Evolution to be real! - 1 days ago

I take Scripture literally. So I have to disagree with the Pope and agree with Jacobson about this. I am scared that someone of his stature has the ability to persuade people against the literal meani...

Advice Please (neighbor troubles) - 1 days ago

Put a bag of crap on their front porch. That's so disgusting, I'll deliver it for you!

Got my new IPhone 6 plus today - 1 days ago

The camera is spose to be the bomb! Did you take any pics yet??

Man adopts 50 babies then dug 9000 graves for the babies that have been aborted - 1 days ago

I think he has a passion, which is admirable, but he's really running an orphanage and babies don't stay babies. Soon there will be 50 toddlers, lol. And that IS admirable to me. However, the time ...

Exxon on Mills Branch - 2 days ago

Where is this? Does it say an Exxon is being built on the site?

CONTEST of the DAY - 2 days ago


Healthy Thanksgiving Sides - 2 days ago

My Dad use to make fresh broccoli or string beans or cauliflower. It's simple but really good. You fry like 3 or 4 slices of bacon. When it's almost crisped, add one large fresh tomato diced and ...

CONTEST of the DAY - 2 days ago

[img][/img]undefined Emperor Penguin

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