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CNN poll shows Americans really wish they elected Mitt Romney instead of Obama - 2 days ago

Obama Care will most likely be the reason.

Exercise - 2 days ago

I sooooo deserve this!! And you DO! I just did 11 miles on my bike in this hellacious heat. I get brownies!!!

looking for a YOGA studio..any recommendations? - 2 days ago

Alert: "Next time you head to the gym for a workout, take your girlfriend with you. Don?t be surprised, though, if she has a better time than you. A new study estimates that 15 percent of women hav...

Do you have your own side of the bed? - 2 days ago

".I can sleep standing up." Lol!! God I hate you.

When in line... - 4 days ago

But the scenario was ... what if it slipped? Let's say it was a cough, cough, tweet, cough? I think there are exercises to help curtail those pesky little expulsions. Then it would...

5 year old with cancer wants one thing for Birthday - 4 days ago

Thanks Kinz. I went to Walgreens and got a regular sized card but they had ones with gifts attached. I got a Captain America card with a badge that lit up and played music. Really cool!

When in line... - 4 days ago

So what would an occasional gentleman be expected to do under these circumstances? I would expect him to hold it til he is ready to double over. Anything you have to do to spare M'lady fr...

When in line... - 5 days ago

I see Bob's a certified gas specialist!!

When in line... - 5 days ago

You guys are killing me! Maybe we can really stir the pot and throw in the gender thing bc this was an older man, nicely dressed and rather dapper looking, lol. One time I was in Walmart an...

When in line... - 5 days ago

He was inoculating you from future cancer. link title I'm not seeing an appropriate level of gratitude. Lol!! I was dying to say something like: well, that HAD to be a relief! ...

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