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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 6 years ago.

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Some people will show you what love is, and some will show you what love isn't.

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Just Curious! - 5 days ago

There are no reasons listed for locking. I see Fuzz was iced so that tells me someone got tired of his, um, "behavior."

Just Curious! - 5 days ago

According to the Mod logue, a Mod locked it. LOL

Caribbean Seashore coming to our area - 5 days ago

Lol!! Stop messing with my beach dreams @ Prolix!

Caribbean Seashore coming to our area - 5 days ago

House is going on the market!!!

Human Trafficers in Barnes and Noble! - 6 days ago

" Yeah, well, we are talking generations of being douchbags. It's hard to get any man to change about anything. It is almost biologically impossible I think it's called "Testosterone". " Nail,meet...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone - 7 days ago


Santana: Adele is a singer, Beyoncé is a model - 7 days ago

Yep. Adele is sheer raw talent. Beyonc?s a marketing creation who can dance and sing moderately well.

Moving again and can't take my business name with me. - 8 days ago

Bonded Walker, wow.

Christianity 101 in 2017 - 8 days ago

Sounds like someone is talking to and with himself again. LOL Cheers

CMS - 8 days ago

Around 5:30? Bc I didn't make my workout at the Y at that time bc they closed a lane by the Y and it took 30 minutes to go from NP to Kings Crossing via WLHP. It's nuts. The city couldn't plan anythin...

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