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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 3 years ago.

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Another botched execution - 13 hours ago

"There is only one defendable reason for the death penalty, as implemented by humans in 2014, and that is revenge. For me, that is not a good enough reason. " I realize there are issues with th...

5 year old with cancer wants one thing for Birthday - 13 hours ago

I want to get one of those HUGE cards that are like gigantic. I went to Walgreens this morning and they were closed but idk if they have them. Some play music and stuff. Has anyone seen these around...

5 year old with cancer wants one thing for Birthday - 1 days ago

Awesome idea! I'm doing it!!


"Back when I lived there, it was fairly common for friends/neighbors to come over with food and drink, circle up some chairs and just talk and laugh for hours. We still do that when my brothers come o...

Steinmart.... Reopened 7/21... Beautiful! - 2 days ago

I've gotten so many cute summer things there, especially dresses and tops and cute cute shoes.

convert or face death - 2 days ago

Send 'em the Westboro Baptists. We will make a sacrifice.

convert or face death - 2 days ago

Extremist's have always ruined it for everyone. That's what they do best. Idiots.

Needed: Cleaner with Military Housing experience - 3 days ago

So, you don't want the cleaning for the house you're moving out of? You want the new apartment you're moving into to be cleaned? What does a military move out cleaning require that a regular cleani...

Thank you HPD for not drawing your weapons on me & my kids! - 3 days ago

Wth! I'm glad you are all ok. I'm glad you had the means to protect yourself bc that guy was off his rocker to act that way.

Need U of H Stuff - 3 days ago

I know U of H campus stores have all that stuff but not sure there are any deals to be had there!

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