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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 3 years ago.

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I am nice. I would offer a hug and some counseling to a rattlesnake. :D

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confession of sins or asking forgiveness of others (Tat's comment) - 3 days ago

No real Christian goes around being a jerk bc they think they're forgiven. That's ridiculous and not how true Christianity works. The Holy Spirit influences our conscious mind, leading us to a forgivi...

Will God forgive you even if you commit the same sins over and over? - 3 days ago

Nope. God has forgiven the sins of the entire world once and for all, forever, that is what happened on the cross. It's done. It's over. And Jesus isn't going to hike up on the cross and die again. ...

Halloween - 5 days ago


Halloween - 5 days ago

You havin a party? I wanna be Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile.

POLL: Las Vegas schools consider teaching 5-year-olds about masturbation - 5 days ago

"gosh, most of us figured it out with no instruction. They must be slow learners, lol." LOL! I know, what would they call it? Masturbation 101? Or YOU love you long time. Haha

an honest question about Christianity - 6 days ago

Tat, you're right. People who have truly had their heart changed by God, ie, salvation, live by that affect God's spirit has on their life. It changes you bc His spirit comes to dwell within you, henc...

POLL: Las Vegas schools consider teaching 5-year-olds about masturbation - 6 days ago

As the natural inclinations of sexuality are known to us all, what makes anyone, especially a school, think it needs to be taught? Lol you can't get pregnant, get a disease or harm another person. It...

Co-ed Fraternities... - 7 days ago

No one mentioned money. Well, that's my guess as to what the true spirit of "inclusiveness" is really about. It's expensive to belong to those clubs.

Do you tip at sonic? - 7 days ago

I do. They are mostly kids who at least took the initiative to get a job.

hey, Tattooed care questions... - 7 days ago

Bumping for more info from Tat!

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