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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 7 years ago.

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Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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When you can't win, you cheat - 10 hours ago

I would say it's more of a case where if you can't win, you just torture others who beat you. Lol

What Do You Think? - 10 hours ago

Idk. I guess I feel Go Find Me type accounts should be for things that you actually aren't able to pay for....unusual circumstances like sickness, accidents, traumas...deaths leaving families in a bi...

Why, oh why - 10 hours ago

No, it's just a lil stocking stuffer thing. Lol

Why, oh why - 10 hours ago

Bc what's better than new undies?? If they fit right, that's important. Ho Ho Ho

What Do You Think? - 10 hours ago

Here's what's really annoying IMO. You CAN go to college and do it with some form of affordability bc well it's gotten ridiculous as far as most people being able to swing it. You can do 2 years at ...

What Do You Think? - 12 hours ago

So I know someone who recently sent her niece a check for her 13th Birthday. Right after she sent it, she got an invite to contribute to the child's college fund as a Bday gift. What's strange (at...

Hayride last night - 22 hours ago

That's so funny bc that's what Joe Blow said last year about the hayride!! You need to pay more attention to keeping variety in your alts, to do it right that is. Joe Blow --- 1 years ago - ed...

Christmas presents - 1 days ago


Christmas presents - 1 days ago


Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare - 1 days ago

Yes, the penalty STILL applies through this tax year 2018. Judas is wrong, lol, it was voted on last year but it was not removed. Next year the penalty expires starting 2019.

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