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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 3 years ago.

» save SagaciousSighFiGurl as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am nice. I would offer a hug and some counseling to a rattlesnake. :D

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Another white cop/Black perp incident that went viral - 3 days ago

Great story!

Kingwood Girls who robbed - 3 days ago

They must have learned a lot from those ankle bracelets!

Pet boarding need - 3 days ago

So, you can't leave them in the care of a pet sitter like you normally would bc your house could have showings?? Are the dogs vicious? They can't be put in the back yard for a few minutes?

It's Time for Queen Anne! - 3 days ago

Yeah, that stuff looks Devine. I am just reluctant to say that with Jacobsen online. L o L

The Porter Wagoner Music update(s). - 3 days ago

I'm on WH and NP right now!!! Where are you Porter?? I just saw a guy kiss a 14 YO, hope that wasn't you. 🔫

Janet, Dr Scott, Janet, Brad, Rocky - 3 days ago

That's 2 Janet's and a Dr. Scott to go. Lol

Any shoe snobs here? - 3 days ago

Those are nice. I notice shoes. Lol I love boots. I have several pair but I could easily be a collector! I just don't because my middle name is restraint. Lol

Pre-hayride drinks - 3 days ago

Oh, Jacobsen, scripture says nothing about alcoholic beverages. It talks about drunkeness. Huzzah

Want to give me some dress ideas?? - 4 days ago

Really like that Black and white dress!

Judgmental Map of Houston (Offensive and Funny at the Same Time) - 4 days ago

Yeah, GiGi, you be baaaad girl!

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