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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 8 years ago.

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Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Sharky's Reopening! - 27 days ago

Chimichurri's IS South American!

Maybe it's not too late to - 27 days ago


Maybe it's not too late to - 27 days ago


Diet Dr.? - 27 days ago

Well that's what they promote then.

Diet Dr.? - 27 days ago

If that's the case, WHY is it that all the places men like to "look", SI, Victoria's Secret, Insta, is filled with skinny women who are unnaturally well built, small and not a darn bit jiggly???

Diet Dr.? - 27 days ago

Winning! No!!! Lol

Last week on "KU petty moderators" - 29 days ago

LOL. Just lol.

Let's hear it - 31 days ago

Here's some! [url=]oldie but goodie![/url]

Big City Wings - 32 days ago

Emp, we have multiple steakhouses around: Outback, Salt grass, Texas Roadhouse, and a couple more. They aren't white table cloth but they aren't cheap either....I don't think people will pay $40 for a...

Protest meeting for new marina - 32 days ago

And Woodland Hills is a tiny little two lane street. That would all be torn out and 4 lane road put in there... Why not build this is Galveston or somewhere?? I mean who is going to rent a boat sto...

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