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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 6 years ago.

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Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Laugh Of The Day - 1 days ago

[url=]yoga fail[/url]

POLL: It?s snowed!!! - 1 days ago

Lol Tink!! Me too. I like it but I must take note when my cats are upstairs sleeping in my bed where it's warmer than downstairs where they usually are!

People And Money - 2 days ago

Lol. His salary on the show wasn't all he made. The reality is......he was a drunk who squandered everything he was blessed to get. He made almost 90k in 1970. The average salary then was $6100 a year...

Why is it only men are called out for inappropriate sexual behavior - 2 days ago

Men do it way more, so there's that. Now they at least admit it.

Moore Accuser Admits She Forged Yearbook - 2 days ago

Wow she's got a lot of splainin' to do!

People And Money - 2 days ago

True, but the studios controlled everything back then. He wasn't making even close to what he would now with endorsements, public appearances and the millions in sales of products with his likeness, T...

People And Money - 2 days ago

Oops, sorry, just checked again. His salary was $600 a week. Wow, lol. Less than 100k a year..

People And Money - 2 days ago

I read he made $600k an episode, that sounds like a lot for back then. But say it's true...the show ran for a few years, he should have had plenty even if he never worked another day in his life. Not ...

POLL: It?s snowed!!! - 2 days ago

That?s sounds like. Christmas card!

POLL: It?s snowed!!! - 3 days ago

Yahooo, it?s gorgeous!!!8$BvmFamily

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