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This year's election - 1 days ago

Heres the thing, i dont BELIEVE in living that way. I get its the way things run in a government that spends stupidly and foolishly and run by motives except common sense. LOL

This is really cool: Research shows that Earth may be made up of two planets - 1 days ago

Wow. And to think they are just figuring this out. Its amazing, the things we have yet to uncover! Fascinating.

Just moved to Kingwood and need information...... - 1 days ago

"You might find 51% of the issue in your bathroom mirror" You're the neighbor, right? LOL

This year's election - 2 days ago

Interesting AMDG. Why then is the national debt usually a campaign year topic one seasoned politicians themselves say is out of control??

This year's election - 2 days ago

"And you never see the same doctor" And Thats already happening in full force with Obamacare. Docs are jumping off, few jumping on. Its a mess. Every year is a whole new slot of different providers...

This year's election - 2 days ago

"They can never be bankrupt, in theory" Why, because they keep printing money?? then why is the strangling debt an issue? Sorry, you cant live that way and expect good results. Its called bein...

This year's election - 2 days ago

Oh it can be done but talk to me about COST. Social security/Medicare are programs people PAID into all their lives. The gov't has since announced it robbed Peter to pay Paul and used the money for ...

This year's election - 2 days ago

Bernie wants everyone to have a Medicare type insurance plan. Everyone. So, yeah id like to know how a normally intelligent man thinks we can afford it BECAUSE we have already bankrupted Medicare an...

Republican Massive Implosion Begins showcasing their Thievery & Lies - 2 days ago

Judas, you are the only one on this thread insulting people personally. Stop now.

This year's election - 3 days ago

You're right Dr.A about the labels that will attach to each candidate as we go along. Some labels are less detrimental than others. Not being trustworthy is foundation shaking whereas being Canadian c...

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