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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 4 years ago.

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Gay blood - 3 days ago

Jacobsen, up at 4 in the morning, still on KU. LOL. Please, stop your bickering with everyone, incessant childish bickering. Or your going to the cooler. Bc, we all need a break once in a whil...

I'm Taking Possession of my Property - 3 days ago

I just don't get why they need to keep it when they can't fix it? I don't blame you, that's not reasonable IMO. I guess they were afraid if you took it, you might not come back, duh, and they didn'...

Prejudice - 3 days ago

They are checking up on surgical patients a lot of the time, and people with chronic diseases like diabetics. You think they're worse than someone hospitalized?

Wacko Waco - 3 days ago

Proud Ametican, cool it and be resectful please.

Prejudice - 3 days ago

Whats so bad about being a home health nurse?

Prejudice - 4 days ago

I agree Leila with most of what you're saying. But as a business person, I'd want some continuity to my message and reputation naturally. If it was me, I'd rather not have a smoker working in a hea...

Prejudice - 4 days ago

Is it ever understandable? Is it ever justified? I've been helping Tatt with her recovery from surgery. Every nurse who comes to assist her is fat, no matter how young or old, and every one is...

Kingwood Medical Center - 4 days ago

Call the main number and ask. It's faster. Lol

POLL: Dogs or stranger? - 5 days ago

Well that's scary! Lol

POLL: Dogs or stranger? - 5 days ago

I'd save the stranger first BUT only bc in my mind I'd figure id save the dog too.

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