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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 4 years ago.

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Some people will show you what love is, and some will show you what love isn't.

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Would you date her? - 3 days ago

"this is a tough crowd" I dunno, and you are a particular puss, so you know how that goes!! Lol

Would you date her? - 3 days ago

My teeth dont look their best from my drug use, but eh, no ones perfect.

WHITE KIDS ON CRACK - 3 days ago

That would be YOU'RE, not your. :)

Addictions and Society - 3 days ago

"In some cases, drug use to control pain is easier to accomplish than other forms of pain management" What other forms of pain management? For many conditions, pain killers are all that works, es...

Addictions and Society - 3 days ago

Good article, Nightshade. This stands out in my mind: "He cites survey data showing that young Americans continue to embrace the "American dream" of soaring financial and educational achievement,...

Duck Pond - 3 days ago

It's a beautiful spot! Great for taking pictures.

Would you date her? - 3 days ago

That's me!

Addictions and Society - 4 days ago

My take is simpler. People aren't happy. They're searching for ways to cope, with pain, disappointment, pressures of life, loneliness. Self medicating is a form of diversion and relief. And who never ...

Profile names - 4 days ago

"Don't remember posting this thread. In eating an eggo with an egg in top. Yum. " Honey, I think you're sleep walking or something.

Addictions and Society - 4 days ago

Just watching a program about this crisis in our society. 85 million household are affected by an addicted family member. 40,000 people die every year from drug abuse. It's truly an epidemic. Opi...

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