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Liberal Bella

I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-12, 9 years ago.

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KU way better than!!! - 109 days ago

KU way better than!!! - 109 days ago

Ron Paul take on the situation - 126 days ago

[url=]ron paul[/url] He is also promoting a book but he does give a opinion on those in Washi...

Where the trillions come from - 131 days ago

[url=!/v/maneco64/mrx6mcnxivm]guy makes a good explanation[/url]

Obama Guilty Obamagate - 132 days ago

Yep and nothing will happen to him. Watch

Joey blocked my video - 133 days ago

[url=!/v/malc0nt3nt/QmbxejTMRuZeMguAYQte8s8cKYGMQ6ov49Br1P3B3iq8AL]good follow up video[/url]

Joey blocked my video - 134 days ago

[url=!/v/roberthh1968/QmdnA51DxsmcohpXHwtFLBUYwwzmJSMpX6EgpEmNeaPJ6X]link title video[/url]

Joey blocked my video - 134 days ago

Its not porn or language filled its opposition research. Even if it is a lie people pist fake news all the time.!/v/pizzapants92/QmQy1SBv3hW1shWHN73UmnexkZQxyJBbcd4JyJadQYxvz7...

Suggestions please - need a dentist - 6 years ago

My socket is infected from a broken tooth. Need antibiotics and pain med then I will hunt a oral surgeon.

Anyone an expert on obamacare? - 7 years ago

Our wonderful sweet omnipotent kind beautiful potus sad you can keep your doctor. If you can afford him her.. Isn't that wonderful?

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