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Miss Understanding

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-10, 8 years ago.

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Southern belle born and raised and proud of it!

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I hope no one on KU flooded! - 44 days ago

[i]since Harvey, we've had problems. [/i]

Unwanted kiddos - 52 days ago

[i]He's basically saying[/i] You are far from an accurate translater huneybuns. he is saying that if kiddos are unwanted they will die a slow death #TRUTH FACTS

Deranged Donald - 52 days ago

[i]Best name ever for him.[/i] AGREED! BUMP!

Unwanted kiddos - 52 days ago

"Some kids are unwanted so you kill them now or you kill them later" #FACTOVERLOAD

jUST A POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!!!!! - 52 days ago


jUST A POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!!!!! - 52 days ago

[i]Biden is nothing for Trump to worry about. His own field will eat him alive in this "woke" era during the primaries given his previous positions on numerous issues. [/i] This is very doubtfu...

jUST A POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!!!!! - 58 days ago

The tax code that has corporations paying zero tax and the normal human's tax increasing especially lilke mine in the middle class? Ye helping the corporations always raises GDP at the expense of the...

Female Amateur MMA Fighter Takes Man On - 58 days ago

[i]Men are weird. She ROCKS!! [/i] I am hppy for her doing so but I would not say men are weird. It is just his innate born in natural urge to see a wonder woman, become erect and need to have th...

Texas couple sentenced for enslaving West African girl for more than 16 years - 58 days ago

[i]Women are targets from about every walk of life from the pieces of scum that are every where. From the park right here in Kw to the young woman who got into the wrong Uber car and wound up dead... ...

jUST A POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!!!!! - 59 days ago

Trump “welcomes” Biden: After Biden’s announcement, Trump tweeted, “Welcome to the race Sleepy Joe. I only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign.” He add...

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