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Miss Understanding

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-10, 6 years ago.

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Southern belle born and raised and proud of it!

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A Story of Faith and Love - 30 days ago

You deleted my comment? Anything that isn't right up your alley or you don't agree with 200%. Gross.

Trump Investigation Fizzles - 30 days ago

[i]Trump Investigation Sizzles[/i] Fixed it for you.

Track Palin raddled with Drugs - 30 days ago

Maybe if she named her kids normally they would be one degree less screwballs than they are. Sarah Palin's family was thrust back into the spotlight over the weekend after her son Track Palin wa...

A Story of Faith and Love - 32 days ago

Tularosa - bites the dust! - 32 days ago

Prayers for RC!!!

Black House CHRISTmas photoes released - 35 days ago

Melania looks like a real stiff doesn't she? what is her problem?? Gee I almost for got who her hubby was no wonder she is a stiff. [removed] I could never be like that but she is. To each there own b...

Katie Couric as classy as me!!!!! - 38 days ago

How many times do women got to tell you, that it is hard to come forward. Look how many come forward against Trump and what does he do? he makes sexual innuendo in a tweet to a senator again this morn...

Don't trust split-tails - 38 days ago

Also Sagacous sounds like nag on the other convo with the 'how many times have I told you' It might explain the lack of sexing. HAHA

Ellen DEGenerous's new abode!! - 38 days ago

Don't trust split-tails - 38 days ago

[i]Go get your bots. We will finally be off the hook.[/i] Speak for yourself missie. I happen to really enjoy sex

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