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Miss Understanding

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-10, 6 years ago.

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Southern belle born and raised and proud of it!

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Sutherland Springs 1st Baptist church - 13 days ago

[i]he was mean and evil.?[/i] Duh, of course and it doesn't take a brain to figure that out. We all know it wasn't about religion because the television heads are blaring it all over the news. ...

Sutherland Springs 1st Baptist church - 13 days ago

[i]his guy was a CREEPY atheist.?[/i] He has spoken to you from the afterlife?

NYC Terror Attack - 13 days ago

Watchamacallit is all ways cranky! Have her take a happy pill.

NYC Terror Attack - 13 days ago

[i]Yeah. Be careful whatchamacallit. Different views = trolling A special word of warning. Do NOT make fun of fast food families and their health issues. That is called trolling here on SagaciousUnd...

Aldi Grand Opening? - 13 days ago

I cant wait!

NYC Terror Attack - 14 days ago

[i]It's sick that the manner in which people are murdered is used as a method to rank the importance of their deaths. On top of that, even death is politicized. Talk about disgusting!?[/i] Y...

Brad and Angie - 14 days ago

Why becaue they are democrats I bet you think so.

YaY cold weather today - 14 days ago

Is that a dead horse? Is that a meme for beating a dead horse or something two lips?

how about them STROS! - 14 days ago

Go team! happiness acheived A-1

Another one bites the dust!!!! - 14 days ago

This one will go next I bet Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has profited handsomely from a shipping company with business ties to Vladimir V. Putin?s family

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