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Miss Understanding

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-10, 8 years ago.

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Southern belle born and raised and proud of it!

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Jagger and Richards redefine what it is to be a senior citizen - 12 days ago

[i]What causes an adult middle aged man to spend HOURS and HOURS a day behind countless fake screen names pretending to be everything he's NOT? [/i] Who does this? Is this the latest reincartio...

The Truth About Men - 12 days ago

The Truth About Men - 12 days ago

U men here on this forum most do exhibit this predator type behaviour

Kelly Anne Conway - 12 days ago

[i]Grow up. I was just joking around with you b[/i] You grow up! you were insulting and mean and now hiding behind "just joking' We can see rite thru U

Apt 407 - 12 days ago

wOW she sounds pretty naive. I agree with you Emperor. ALways keep yuior guard up. Hello! It is two thousand nineteen! Besides whats the point in watching it since we just heard the hole plot? Its rui...

Kelly Anne Conway - 17 days ago

[i]Is that all you have? It's kind of sad. Actually, it's Kellyanne Conway. [/i] bE greatful that he didn't say Killy Anus Conway. or something equally as humiliating tho deserved. Now that wo...

STEP ASIDE HILLARY! - 17 days ago

wE can all witness how scared yall are of A_O_C! This makes my day! Rah! Rah! Rah! By TW, she got about 60% of the vote which is humongus by todays standards at the booth. Look at what your id...

Kelly Anne Conway - 18 days ago

[i]In my opinion the lefties on here actually insult the posters on here.[/i] tHAT IS WHAT DVAZ DID!!!

Kelly Anne Conway - 18 days ago

so DVAZ does not get to go in the icebox their post is just deleted! See that! If one of us democrats said the same thing then it would be different treatement. THAT IS A PROBLEM HERE.

STEP ASIDE HILLARY! - 18 days ago

No wonder your president attacks Puerto Rico. He attacks anything & all that he feels threatened by. Besides PR is just another dark skinned nation & we know how the aryan old white man feels about [...

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