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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-24, 12 years ago.

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Ann Coulter dumps trump - 6 years ago

We won "snowflake"; get over it.

Found Puppy - 6 years ago

Another Pit bull attack posted on foxnews this morning. Pit bull killed 6 month old child in its walker; dog had been fine with the family for 9 years. Never under estimate what can happen; so very ...

Found Puppy - 6 years ago

Get ready to see one of the local rescues trying to sell this puppy in the near future IF it survives. Only problem there is no one knows the history of the parents like aggressive temperaments, hip ...

Found Puppy - 6 years ago

Kingwood appears to be a favorite dumping ground for dogs. Hopefully these puppies don't have parvo (incubation is several days) to spread around Kingwood. BARC needs to do a better job picking up s...

Dumbocrat snowflakes allowed to stop AWESOME COULTER! - 6 years ago

Very well said (and could this PRINT be any smaller).

Found male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, blue and white. - 6 years ago

Be sure if you adopt a Pit Bull from a local Rescue that it is microchipped so that they can "share" in any lawsuit if it goes loose (and it will) and causes damage or death.

Found male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, blue and white. - 6 years ago

Yet, another LOOSE PIT BULL in Kingwood.

LIAR IN CHIEF! - 6 years ago

Joe Blowhard must not watch the news as he is very uninformed of all the accomplishments of the TRUMP Administration. Typical uninformed liberal.

Do not vote for Planned Parenthood fundraiser Abby Whitmore for Humble ISD - 6 years ago

I'm all for supporting planned parenthood. America can't support families with "litters of kids". So irresponsible to soak up all our resources, schools and hospitals with indigent families.

Kingwood Kennels Joins The Original Kennels - 6 years ago

Great news. Carl and Linda take excellent care of our dogs for years. Bar and Vashka will be coming to visit soon :)

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