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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-16, 6 years ago.

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Forest Cove - 67 days ago

As a past resident I am sorry for all the problems you are having. Just idle curiosity how do thing look around St Andrews and Laurel Springs?

Urologist recommendation?? - 1 years ago

Dr Krauss, Plain nasty dirty office rude has no empathy I would not send some one I hatted to him. Dr Drew Delinsky spelling? saved me time pain and helped me thru some difficult times

HRC answer to gun violence : - 2 years ago

Your weapons are no match for the might of the United States Military, and your wet dream of the populace rising up against our government is laughable. Just ask the Viet Cong or the Afgans

HRC answer to gun violence : - 2 years ago

The so called gun show loop hole the ability of private people to sell there guns to some one not a dealer. The nut job who wants to be glorified on the news, can not find a gun how about 5 empty wi...

Pearland Eateries - 2 years ago

Worked in Pearland for 20 years, Lilas not up scale but some of the best authentic Mex food ever. Central Tx BBQ if a fan of real Tx BBQ ate there at least once a week for 20 years and never had a ...

FOREST COVE = LOST CAT = PLEASE HELP Missing as of 07/21 - 2 years ago

Hawks do not hunt at night, we have some large owls in the area they more then likely are the problem

What happened to our White ducks-Elm Grove - 2 years ago

The same thing that happened to our ducks in Forest Cove, the asshats that drive 60 mph on our two lane roads killed them all

Does anyone know doctors in our area that practice concierage medicine? - 2 years ago

She is a great lady but with my one to two visits a year came to quite a large co pay. Found another

Does anyone know doctors in our area that practice concierage medicine? - 2 years ago

you pay a flat fee up front plus your insurance usually about $1500 per person per year and in return you are guaranteed timely service. Kim Elliot is a prime example

reclaimed bricks - 2 years ago

Not a good pic started raining Pile is 27 bricks long 7 to 8 high and 3 deep If you use a normal 1/2 ton pu I would plan on 2 trips

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