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Latest Fox News poll puts every democrat ahead of trump in 2020 - 57 days ago

The only reason the polls show dems leading is because when they do the polls the libs and dems are only ones at home to answer the phone. All the Republicans are at work.

It's time for y'all to watch the Texans! - 296 days ago

No thanks NFL banned in my house.

ROBO calls ... Grrrr - 1 years ago

SENTRY V1.0 Dual Mode Call Blocker. Block 100% Robo Calls. Stop All Junk Calls, Election Calls, Survey Calls. 9999 Number Capacity It helps but phone still rings once before blocking

Gunning down of the citizen - 1 years ago On Monday, a Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable was involved in a pur...

Fish tank problem - 2 years ago

If you use tap water it needs to be treated to remove chlorine. I always use RO/DI water and keep a 25 gallon bucket made up for water changes. A 10% to 15% water change weekly should be okay.

Tell Suddenlink to Keep AMC - 2 years ago If you were watching AMC last night this kept flashing across the bottom of the screen. If Suddenlink drops AMC then I will drop Suddenlink.

Corn stalks for fall decorating - 2 years ago

Home Depot had them last year, Houston Gardens carried them, Kingwood Garden Center has also carried some.

USPS Priority STINKS - 3 years ago

[i]Go with UPS or FedEx, maybe more money but worth not having a headache over USPS.?[/i] If I had my choice I would use UPS or FedEx, bad thing is this was shipped from Spring Texas, on the 21st.A...

USPS Priority STINKS - 3 years ago

I think they are using Snail mail, I have had a package that was supposed to be delivered last Wednesday by Priority Mail 1-Day, and it still shows to be at the North Houston Office. Prior to that I h...

Friday night car thieves in Kingwood - 3 years ago

[url= ] [/url]

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