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I joined this crazy place on 2012-05-18, 5 years ago.

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New to the area. Seems like a real interesting board!!!

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Trump Judicial Nominee Can't Answer Basic Questions About The Law In Disastrous Hearing - 36 days ago

Some Repubs are starting to reject Trump appointments, which is a good thing. These things should not be rubber stamped.

Net Neutrality - 36 days ago

Thoughts? It seems, from what I have read, the best that can happen is really no change to the consumer. The worst, on the other hand, is potentially paying more for certain content, or even slo...

FBI Collusion - 36 days ago

Reads to me that they found out about the texts and removed him from the Mueller investigation. Sounds about right to me. But furthermore, think about this. Is there anyone working on that case ...

Moore Accuser Admits She Forged Yearbook - 43 days ago

[i]He probably did some sleazy crap in his day[/i] Such as?

Moore Accuser Admits She Forged Yearbook - 43 days ago

The part where it had his name, and the name of the restaurant, always looked different than the cursive part written above I had doubts about that. Given that, they should now submit the...

Franken resigns - 44 days ago

[i]So why isn't there more pressuring to push him out? Alabama hasn't spoken yet[/i] Ohhh, so let's keep the best guy in there for winning the state, no matter how despicable he is......then si...

Franken resigns - 44 days ago

Do a Goggle on this gem: Blake Farenthold

Franken resigns - 44 days ago

[i]Trump bragged about his grabbing women because he could. No, thats not what he said. [/i] Paraphrasing, that sure is what he fact, he said worse........

Franken resigns - 44 days ago

[i]And if Moore wins, there is likely to be an investigation about him. Hopefully they boot him right out the door too. [/i] So why isn't there more pressuring to push him out? Republicans are b...

Franken resigns - 44 days ago

Had to happen. Meanwhile, a Repub Rep in Texas remains despite paying off an accuser, and another well more known Senator to be is allowed to run, purely for political purposes in Alabama. Inter...

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