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I joined this crazy place on 2012-06-30, 8 years ago.

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Las Vegas Legend Returns to Kingwood Area - 1 years ago

Miss Iraq says Ilhan Omar endorses everything she ran away from as a Muslim woman - 1 years ago

Doesn't look Iraqi to me

Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide - 1 years ago

He probably found out what 'short eyes' means

20 dead, 26 injured El Paso - 1 years ago

Read about the failure of suburbanization.

Thanks Trumpty Dump - 1 years ago

China most certainly does [i][/i]NOT need us. Then why is China panicking and devaluing their currency?

Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 1 years ago

Her comments enrage you because they are nothing but TRUTH and it makes you uncomfortable. We have been force fed this American exceptionalism and patriotism BS our entire lives; this country with it'...

20 dead, 26 injured El Paso - 1 years ago

And turn off the TV

The POS attacking police in New York City - 1 years ago

Pic looks like a SE Asia water festival

Make Amerika Great... - 1 years ago

Pic don't show

Do you have experience with CLG Contracting or Claude Guillemette? - 1 years ago

What do you need done? Makes a difference on the project you want done.

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