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I joined this crazy place on 2012-06-30, 5 years ago.

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POLL: Death Penalty, regardless how its "exicuted" - 5 days ago

The death penalty is retribution by society. Vengeance is personal.

Things I may never say again - 15 days ago

Who needs a wheelbarrow?

Hiring a General Contractor - 20 days ago

Dave's a good guy.

POLL: Time for New moderators - 26 days ago

I have no problem with the mods.

100 year old version of BLM - - 26 days ago

Reading the actual history of it, not even close. A singular incident, vs. a mass movement. A riot over a craps game vs. many riots over thugs getting killed by cops. BTW, the soldiers were convicted ...

Is freedom of speech not protected in the USA any longer? - 27 days ago

[i]I read it, pretty sure I understand it, and don't see how it applies - try to help me.?[/i] You blamed the German people with your Aristotle post, but failed to qualify it. My post qualifies it....

Is freedom of speech not protected in the USA any longer? - 28 days ago

[i]There was not one word of this that anything at all to do with my post or point -?[/i] You lost. Get over it.

Is freedom of speech not protected in the USA any longer? - 28 days ago

The turnout for the 2016 was 59.7%, highest since 1968. Wrong again jackass. And his strongest support comes from middle America. And accusing someone of lying when you can't get you facts straigh...

Why do the liberals seem to focus on attacking a KU member instead of the topic? - 28 days ago

[i]The rwnj's are in a tailspin lately...pretty funny. LOL[/i] Try to add something to a conversation , for once.

Non Racism is not enough - 28 days ago

[i]The giant chip on his shoulder does most of his thinking...[/i] That all you got? Sad.

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