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Another shooting :( :( ;( - 332 days ago

I will protect myself and anyone around while you call and wait on the law

gUNS - 334 days ago

I?m guessing you don?t know the laws. Because there are plenty of them.

gUNS - 334 days ago

I have no problem with the kids doing it. But how many are just following the shepherd? There are things they could do that would get better results. Bullying for starters. As my Republican mind thin...

gUNS - 335 days ago

LOL you figured me out. My republican IQ. At least I don?t blame the gun. I blame the person. Not the gun. Not the car. Not the cell phone. The person. You keep pushing for gun control. I got my g...

gUNS - 335 days ago

If my math is correct. 208 students killed since columbine. We all agree that 208 is WAY too many, right? We can all agree on this? Yet 16-19 kids are killed EACH day, EACH DAY, by distracted drivin...

Harris County Appraisals - 341 days ago

I'm loving it. Two years in a row mine hasn't gone up.

gUNS - 342 days ago

Again you only hear what the they want you to hear. I would bet more people are killed with pistols each year than people with ARs. Yet we aren't wanting to ban pistols, just ARs

gUNS - 343 days ago

Of course you won't hear about a good guy with an AR 15. It doesn't fit the agenda the shepherds want for the sheep. Sutherlands Springs is a perfect example. Shooter shoots and kills church membe...

ATTN: Responsible Gun Owners - 343 days ago

How will you make it harder for the criminal or "dangerous" people to acquire a gun? Hell, drugs are illegal, drinking and driving is illegal, yet we still have it going on ALL the time I'm not worrie...

Town Center Fireworks - 1 years ago

We all heard Tony's side. How about the KWCC? What do they have to say? I've heard some stories. But let's hear from the CC.

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