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Emperor of Kingwood

I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-16, 6 years ago.

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Middle aged, college educated white male. BSEE Univ. Of PA - 1984 Lt. USN 1980 -1986 Father, step father and grand father.

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Trump threatens to send military and close border - 12 hours ago

[i]Illegal aliens are not entitled to any benefits; anyone claiming refugee status is. A little factoid the democrats look over. [/i] Lets not forget that hospital ERs are required by federal law t...

Thanks, Common Core: ACT Scores for Class of 2018 Worst in Decades - 13 hours ago

The creators of the ACT test announced on Wednesday that scores for the class of 2018 are the worst reported in decades. Math scores, in fact, are in freefall among ACT-tested U.S. high school graduat...

This IS one of the most bizarre Things EVER - 14 hours ago

[i]There was no consent, he's an exhibitionist with big issues...unacceptable, inappropriate and he admits the whole thing.[/i] Sounded like she said she consented on more than one occasion.

Men as the real victims? After Kavanaugh, #HimToo gains attention - 14 hours ago

[i]That's just stupid.[/i] It is stupid but it happens. [i]Work isn't a dating pool. All they have to do is be professional, period. [/i] Sounds good in theory, but in practice it doesn't wo...

Does the site owner have plans to upgrade this place? - 14 hours ago

[i]I see random question marks getting inserted when people post. When I try to quote text using the quote link, the link is covered by my mobile device?s pop up function menu. It just looks v...

Are you a Socialist or a Republican? - 15 hours ago

The issue is that you are mixing different but related things. Republicans are a political party. Socialists are a political party not exclusively in America. Also, Socialism is a governmental phil...

This IS one of the most bizarre Things EVER - 16 hours ago

[i]Most men would find the idea of exposing themselves in that way to be uncomfortable not arousing,? he said."[/i] Yes, true. The operative word is [i]consenting.[/i]

This IS one of the most bizarre Things EVER - 16 hours ago

This IS one of the most bizarre Things EVER - 16 hours ago

I didn't see that she asked him.

This IS one of the most bizarre Things EVER - 1 days ago

But (and here's the rules), if a woman asks a man to do that so she can watch then he must do so without expectations of any reciprocity.

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