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Emperor of Kingwood

I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-16, 6 years ago.

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Middle aged, college educated white male. BSEE Univ. Of PA - 1984 Lt. USN 1980 -1986 Father, step father and grand father.

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Firefighter Prop B deemed Unconstitutional - 10 days ago

[i]It wasn't ruled illegal, it was ruled unconstitutional. Big difference.[/i] If something is ruled unconstitutional then by extension it is illegal. How is it anything else if the Constitution de...

Firefighter Prop B deemed Unconstitutional - 11 days ago

[i]It was voted into policy by COH residents. It never should have gone to the ballot box if there was any chance of it's illegality. [/i] AI tend to agree and obviously so did the Judge. We elect...

Question of the day.... - 11 days ago

Larger companies still do.

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

If you are referring to the investor being "on the hook" to make the taxpayer whole again then you can say good bye to student loans.

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

[i]“It shifts the risk from the student to the investor. So if things go very poorly, it’s the investor who is on the hook and not the student. Exactly the reverse of what happens in a debt or loan ...

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

[i]Should almost all people rent?[/i] I don't always agree with Dave Ramsey. I don't have any objection to mortgages. I hold mortgages for two families. What I object to is mortgaging a house the...

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

[i]But the fix might be in shifting the risk from students to investors.- [/i] What? The investors are the ones taking the risk. The student risks nothing except bad credit.

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

Actually I think that almost all loans are a bad idea.

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

[i]Are student loans always a bad idea?[i] In my opinion yes. [i] Many families don't have the money to put their kids thru college. 17 and 18 year olds can't get a low interest loan any other...

Question of the day.... - 13 days ago

A for student loans, they're a really bad idea. Also, their availability should be based on program of study. For instance, 1% art degrees, 40% STEM, the rest medical and accounting.

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