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Emperor of Kingwood

I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-16, 4 years ago.

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Middle aged, college educated white male. BSEE Univ. Of PA - 1984 Lt. USN 1980 -1986 Father, step father and grand father.

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5 depressing facts about Americans and managing money - 2 days ago

The plain and simple truth is that debt is bad.

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]We taxpayers get on the hook when uninsured people can't pay their hospital bills. [/i] Yes, along with cash customers and insurance covered customers. Add to it that ACA contains a 3.9% federa...

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]Sure they did. They were mandated too. By the millions. [/i] Have you not seen the numbers?

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]All of the people who can buy insurance now because insurance companies have to offer them coverage. [/i] But they didn't buy insurance.

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]That's a big part of it.[/i] About 63% of it. [i]It also eliminated the exclusion of pre-existing conditions and allowed people to keep their dependents on until the age of 26. [/i] Thos...

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]Once you give the people something, it's dang tough to take it away. [/i] ACA is nothing more than a giant expansion of Medicaid.

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

The simplest and best thing to do is a straight repeal.

Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]Instead, you've got 13 Senators secretly crafting a healthcare bill that needs to be voted on in a's absurd.[/i] Relax. Even if something passes the Senate it still has to go back to...

Hello! Cindy - don't stay long - 2 days ago


Impending ACA Repeal - 2 days ago

[i]The fact is that Chuck Schumer has made it clear that he want NOTHING to do with any bill that will repeal or replace obama care. [/i] His words were actually repeal. I never heard him say repl...

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