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I joined this crazy place on 2012-11-25, 4 years ago.

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KHS - Posted on Next Door: - 99 days ago

Thanks for posting gigi I would've been panicked if I saw a lot going on st the school !

Town Center Fireworks question!!!! - 104 days ago

I'm so sad and pissed. Night ruined

Town Center Fireworks question!!!! - 107 days ago

Great info. Thanks tonyaust!!

Slowest traffic light EVER - 180 days ago

Let logic - You mean going straight on kingwood drive or taking a left onto green oak from kingwood dr ? Thx

Slowest traffic light EVER - 183 days ago

The new light at kingwood dr and King's crossing needs to be adjusted. Any idea who I call to complain? Today I was leaving the Heb center and taking a left onto kingwood drive from kings crossing...

Men panhandling at WLH/ KW drive - 206 days ago

I really can't believe it is legal to walk into traffic, bang on windows and beg for money. I wish these men would go away. I really don't like them coming towards my car while I drive with my kids.

Where do you take out of town guests in KW? - 214 days ago

Too bad cafe Dubois closed. That was the perfect place for older aunts to eat. I agree with kings harbor. Not much else to choose from

Zoƫ's Kitchen - 229 days ago

I think I read they aren't coming to kingwood after all. They are one of the many places that pulled out.

The Curry House - 249 days ago

It's fantastic! Great food, friendly staff that is happy to explain the menu.

Last night, millions of people got drunk and watched grown men play with each other - 253 days ago

Lighten up.

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