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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 5 years ago.

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If YOUR child had a shirt that said, Born To Kill... - 17 min ago

I wore metal shirts about death and Satan as a teen. Then again, nobody picked on me once I got swole. All these shooters were tormented by punk a** bullies and were on psychotropic drugs because of i...

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 25 min ago

[i]Its hard to believe any officer that served a full tenure would be a "coward[/i] Oh, now you go from hating on cops to defending them because the particular issue is different with your agenda. ...

Getting hotter! - 9 hours ago

[i]:( How did it go? Were you able to see what was wrong with it??[/i] It was what I thought it was. $80 and I did it myself. The harness and blower motor resistor were starting to melt. Plus, one ...

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 9 hours ago

[i]There were armed officers on the scene[/i] Oh, the coward who retired and is getting an $8,700 a month pension?

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 21 hours ago

[i]No but the threat of it is real enough for them to ban guns at their event if someone important is coming...?[/i] You guys just will never get it. Do you actually believe these school shootings ...

POLL: Should the shooters parents get their guns back? - 22 hours ago

After the trial, yes.

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 23 hours ago

[i]NO NO NO. No need for someone with PTSD having a flash back and shooting up kids. Trained active duty law enforcement. Not teachers, not former military with out being vetted as a law enforcement o...

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 23 hours ago

[i]Just gave yourself away, baby! LMFAO NO MORE GUNS!?[/i] LMAO, if you are referring to me? Courts make my entire point valid. Good guys with guns prevent bad guys with guns. Guess you ...

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 23 hours ago

[i]How did your AC thing work out, DVAZ, were you able to find the issue? sorry...not the right thread but i was wondering...?[/i] Yeah, on GM trucks and SUV's the blower motor resistor gets too...

Another shooting :( :( ;( - 1 days ago

I've got plenty of skilled shooting veteran friends who would love to be able to protect children at schools from these nut job shooters. It's common sense. Courts are filled with angry, violent, & ve...

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