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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 4 years ago.

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Tularosa's Southwestern Grill - Highly Recommend - 1 days ago

[i]Every restaurant that's opened in that building has failed miserably. It may simply be a bad location.?[/i] Ninfa's didn't really fail. It was always packed. Didn't it close for a reason other t...

Guns don't kill people - 2 days ago

Fuzz, already back in the Ice Box for insults & personal attacks. What a shock.

How do I get rid of - 4 days ago

Fly tape.

The Odds of Evolution are a big fat 0 - 4 days ago

The creation of the universe and its creator(s) is far beyond the comprehension of the human brain. At least those are my thoughts.

Fight in Old HEB Parking Lot - 11 days ago

Probably teenagers.

Which KW CVS Pharmacy do you like? - 11 days ago

Tink, have you tried GoodRx (website or the App)? Saves me a lot of money.

Which KW CVS Pharmacy do you like? - 11 days ago

Are you filling the prescriptions there because insurance won't cover it elsewhere?

Massive Virginia Voter Fraud Discovered - 23 days ago

As usual, the republic party is generating false information on supposed voter fraud to gain support for more restrictive voting laws designed to make it difficult to vote, especially in minority area...

Kingwood HS Parking Lottery Application Process - 35 days ago

Seniors should automatically get a parking pass if they want one. Lottery should be for juniors.

Chelsea's ...? - 36 days ago

It's "Chelsea Deli" to be correct.

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