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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 6 years ago.

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Diet Dr.? - 1 days ago

[i]Soooooo.....any updates to where you can get phentermine in Kingwood these days? Still at Kingwood Wellness or is there a better cheaper place? [/i] Just get it online.

Buzzfeed Story About President Trump Is Not Accurate - 1 days ago

Liberals would probably kill themselves if they actually lived in reality instead of Hollywood MSM.

New Collusion Evidence - 1 days ago

Real collusion. Funny, the TV networks never mention this...

Buzzfeed Story About President Trump Is Not Accurate - 2 days ago

Buzzfeed reporting real news. That'll be the day. Shouldn't they be banned from social media for deliberately spreading lies and "fake" news...

Walls/barriers/fences are effective all over the world! - 11 days ago Defend it Fuzz. I'll wait.

SHUTDOWN SOLUTION... - 11 days ago

How about Democrats compromise....


You're G*d damn right he is!

Is Trump and better president than Obama? - 19 days ago

[i]Most of that is pure fluff. [/i] Half of it is utter nonsense. Remember that 150-billion dollars Obama gave Iran. Healthcare got more expensive for me, not better in any way. GT...

Is Trump and better president than Obama? - 21 days ago

Obama was an epic failure. Nothing positive came out of his presidency.

What are you doing for NYE? - 22 days ago

I'm talking a bunch of pills and jumping out of a helicopter.

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