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I joined this crazy place on 2013-06-05, 5 years ago.

» save Jracer as my FRIEND - HOSER

Ol retired guy, cranky, good for nothing.

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Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 180 days ago

Learn a trade, what a cool way to support you and your family.

False Missile Threat - 252 days ago

I imagine a lot of under needed to be changed when the all clear sign was given!

Its new car time - 254 days ago

Go to Sewell, great dealerships.

New Consignment Shop in Kingwood! - 254 days ago

Do they have men's clothing?

Hudson & Harrigan era ends at KILT - 331 days ago

Randy Hames was Harrigan for 20 years and wrote a book on the history of Hudson and Harrigan. It is really a good read, at least to me, because I was a radio DJ for 30 years. I bought mine on Amazon...

Famous quotes by our Dear Leader... - 349 days ago

President Trump was forced to explain an island because so many who hate him, don't know what an island is. Fortunately he hasn't mentioned The United States being 52 states as his predecessor did.

Horray for Jimmy John's - 349 days ago

I've never eaten at Jimmy John's. However, I really love Firehouse Subs and wish we had one in Kingwood.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss has breast cancer - 357 days ago

Not to be too cold on this, but many women including my wife has or had breast cancer. Being a so called celebrity doesn't exempt anyone from have illness. I hope she recovers but I also hope all th...

Suddenlink won't be getting Root Sports... - 1 years ago

I'm glad Suddenlink isn't bending to Root sports for the package. It's too bad the sports teams are so greedy they decided to start their own business of selling their broadcast.

Please Pray for my son Ryan - 1 years ago

I will pray for Ryan, you and the others.

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