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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-02, 5 years ago.

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Senior citizen. College and school of hard knocks educated.KW since late 70s.

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CONFIRMED! No blue wave! - 146 days ago

[i]Because you qualify for the grants. If you have insurance and it pays for the damage then you don't get any money.[/i] You really believe that, Bestie?

Unhinged - 146 days ago

The October surprise: Surprise! FBI director James Comey announced that they were reopening the investigation into Hillary's emails. As he wrote in his famous letter, "In connection with an unrelat...

Hush money not required - 146 days ago

I'm assuming there will be a selection.

Hush money not required - 146 days ago

I understand that the "liaisons" are capable of smiling. Nodding - I don't know.

Unhinged - 146 days ago

The third "debate" and the numbers were holding. Introducing a new member of the Trump team: The campaign traveled to Las Vegas for the third debate, moderated by Fox anchor Chris Wallace. The ...

Hush money not required - 146 days ago

[i]2 whole hours with a fake person make one wonder???? [/i] I spend a significant amount of time with fake people. Can you tell the difference if it's sex with a fake person?

CONFIRMED! No blue wave! - 147 days ago

[i]Help from FEMA isn't socialism. [/i] How is that not a socialistic event? I didn't flood; why should my tax dollars be spent on somebody else? Sounds like the hated "welfare system" ...

Unhinged - 147 days ago

The beginnings of the search for the "N" word tape, and then back to the campaign: On a conference call with Katrina, Lynne, and myself, we discussed all the information we?d gathered about the tap...

Unhinged - 148 days ago

The second debate aftermath: The MAGA messaging email of the day covered a lot of ground, avoiding an apology and relying on tried-and-true tactics. The points made, and selected quotes from the me...

Unhinged - 148 days ago

The Trump family response: When in crisis, the unofficial Trump family strategy was to go dark for twenty-four hours. But this time, Trump released a video statement after only seven hours, the fam...

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