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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-02, 4 years ago.

» save Butterbean as my FRIEND - HOSER

Senior citizen. College and school of hard knocks educated.KW since late 70s.

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Joke of the Year - 1 days ago


New game in town - 1 days ago

I like the jungle. Didn't see it coming.

Real Moms In Swimsuits - 1 days ago


"I don't own it. It wasn't my fault." - 1 days ago

Said the sniveling 9 year old after being caught throwing a rock through a neighbors window. "It wasn't me. The rock broke the window." "It wasn't my fault. It was the people who lived in this hous...

Trump had second, undisclosed secret meeting with Putin at G20 - 2 days ago

[i]Have no issue with this meeting - other than not the best practice to meet alone - generally a good practice to have others as witnesses to what was said at these types of meetings. But not that bi...

ANYONE know a Dental HYGENIST that will CLEAN teeth? - 2 days ago

Any competent, professional dentist will examine your teeth to find potential problem areas. That includes x-rays and a thorough exam. IMO, that's his/her professional function. A "deep" cleaning i...

New game in town - 2 days ago

What's your favorite scenario in the game, JW? The cliff, volcano, city, or jungle?

New game in town - 2 days ago

Good Rex. Good boy.

New game in town - 2 days ago

Something to keep you busy while waiting for the new healthcare bill: [url=] Game on[/url] Try them all. It's fun.

Remember when Senator Ted Kennedy Colluded with Soviets to subvert Presidential election? - 2 days ago

[i]Junior wants to testify. [/i] That oughta be a doozy.

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