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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 5 years ago.

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Presentation: Flooding and Floodplains in the Houston Area: Past, Present, and Future - 4 days ago

[i]Its really simple[/i]. You would think, right?

I love President Trump - 4 days ago

Trump's ratings at this point in his presidency are higher than Obama's were at the same point.

Trumpty is such a freaking douche - 4 days ago

Good riddance to lying, leaking communist Brennan. Comey, Strozk, Rice, Clapper are next. Clean the house.

Presentation: Flooding and Floodplains in the Houston Area: Past, Present, and Future - 5 days ago

Oh, any greedy corporation will do I'm sure. He's not picky.

Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting - 5 days ago

Because that doesn't fit the "Trump is a racist bigot who rips babies from their mother's arms" BS narrative.

the smartest people vote democratic! - 5 days ago

LOL but they have vocabulary issues apparently. I'm guessing VOR meant vote democrat. All elections in the US are held on a democratic basis.

Why do regular people vote republican? - 6 days ago

said the fool in the best jobs market in decades.

Omarosa's new book - 6 days ago

LOL so much collusion! Oy!

Cruz once, shame on Ted. - 6 days ago

Cruz don't need no stinkin' signs!

Would it even matter? - 6 days ago

If such a tape existed it would have surfaced a LONG time ago, way before the election. It would have be the coup de grace on his campaign, which is what so many championed for.

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