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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 9 years ago.

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Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 3 years ago

And we take in more LEGAL immigrants annually than any other country. But yeah, America sucks, right?

Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 3 years ago

Soda hates America. Got it.

20 dead, 26 injured El Paso - 3 years ago

Youth have become desensitized to violence and there is definitely a departure from appreciating the sanctity of life in modern culture. The traditional family unit is maligned and ebbing in society. ...

Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 3 years ago

She would be so much better off in beautiful Somalia, where the average IQ is 68, 50% of births are a result of incestuous relations and tribal warlords have been killing each others tribes off for de...

20 dead, 26 injured El Paso - 3 years ago

These back to back shootings in an election season will probably be the tipping point for some gun law reform, most likely in the form of enhanced/universal background checks, with particular attentio...

Make Amerika Great... - 3 years ago

[i]Fail u...Pro-Fail... Enjoy thise Pub junk!!! [/i] Get back to me after your English lessons.

The POS attacking police in New York City - 3 years ago

[i]Go back if it's so great. [/i] As with Trump, the comment was based on an ideology disconnect. Nothing to do with race except weak identity politics correlation. But hey, when you got nothing el...

Make Amerika Great... - 3 years ago

#zapperfail NEXT...

Sisney update - 3 years ago

That's crazy! Sisney Jr. arrested for the same felony charges as his old man just got paroled for.

Hellllloooooo Mister Mueller!!!!! - 3 years ago

Mueller was shown to be a doddering, feeble old man who obviously was only the figure head for a biased investigation/set up led by HRC sycophant Andrew Wiesman and a team of leftist lawyers. It blew ...

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