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Why does Trump disrespect the military - OPINIONS... - 89 days ago

[i]What point? You dislike President Trump, so you call him a scumbag??[/i] If the condom fits, wear it. His is pinky sized.

Why does Trump disrespect the military - OPINIONS... - 89 days ago

He's even put up Kelly to due his dirty work or lying to cover his arse. You got to feel bad for the general. Going down so late on in his celebrated career.

Spooky Stories and Ghostly Antics - 89 days ago

It sure sounds like it rained on your scarecrow. Paybacks are a biotch. Rain on your scarecrow. Blood on your plow.

Score another one for gun owners - Texas woman shoots, kills home intruder - 169 days ago

Someone tried to shoot me in the heart once upon a time. Luckily my large breast protected me.

Handyman - 169 days ago

This site has a local "handy"man that is chronically unemployed because he posts here all the time. A moderator has outed him on lies and fraud. You may be in the right place at the right time.

This just cuts to the bone. - 169 days ago

[i]who cares, right?[/i] I care. He is deplorable. I simply can not wait til he is removed from office.

And the Manchester Terrorists name is not John is.... - 242 days ago

Take a pill along with your BS. Everyone hates the terrorists. Why not just admit that you hate 1.6 BILLION muslims because of a handful of nutjobs.

The Current Lawsuits against the DNC that no one is talking about - 242 days ago

Frankly I can't believe Fox and other MSM isn't covering all the lawsuits hanging over Trump's head right now. [url=

Melania evades Trump's hand again - 242 days ago She reflexivly pulls away from him all the time. You go girlfriend! If he wasn't president he'd probably...

The Euro Left regarding Manchester - Just get used to it - 242 days ago

[i]Religion is responsible for most of the violence and dumbing down of society... [/i] Then remove religion like the cancer that it is.

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