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I joined this crazy place on 2014-12-24, 4 years ago.

» save hatersuk as my FRIEND - HOSER

40 year resident NEITHER a republicon NOR a dumacrat

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THE ONE FOR THE PEOPLE.....someone is looking for you - 4 years ago

DaveM and hatersuk are not one and the same person. Again, I love to chuckle,especially the deep belly ones. To: DaveM, Thanks for the positive,unexpected comment,my post came from the heart.I am a n...

This very un-American, hateful, destructive attitude began with "W''s "watch" under the leadership - 4 years ago

The way I see it...... This rift amongst Americans raised it's ugly head during "W"s "watch". DUBYA, as in A"W"OL, co"W"ard, and "W"imp faithful servant to the pan ultimate incarnate of evil; broke d#...

THE ONE FOR THE PEOPLE.....someone is looking for you - 4 years ago

I cannot stop laughing, it feels soooo good to laugh sooo hard for sooo long a deep belly chuckle. Thank you ScarletWitch. I suppose I was in need of a good long genuine laugh. I have always been wel...

Dear Obama Haters - 4 years ago

Again the truth is really painful for the ones whose heart is in the wrong place. So many people see what they believe, not the truth. Expressing an opinion is not exactly a rant, again the truth rea...

Water to Protect Your Plants - 4 years ago

thanks so much for the info

THE ONE FOR THE PEOPLE.....someone is looking for you - 4 years ago

You know who you are. Someone you met at the 'coffee shop' would really like to talk to you and reconnect with you. Do you frequent the "coffee shop" anymore? Please respond if you see this post. Than...

Dear Obama Haters - 4 years ago

Touche Wicked, probably misspelled. Do I care? Not at this particular moment in time. Of course "doctors",especially those who don't even honor the "hippocritic" oath, don't enjoy being told they ca...

Another Plane Is Missing - 4 years ago

I was wrong about this one. I will be the first to admit it My prayer for the passengers, especially the innocent children is that their lasts moments were not filled with fear.

I paid 1.99 for Gas!! - 4 years ago

last week the new Kroger in Humble had gas for 1.96 with 3 cents off. if you have a Kroger card and accumulate 1000 fuel points you can get $1 off per gallon. up to 35 gallons. last week paid .96 cent...

Another Plane Is Missing - 4 years ago

JAH is short for the Creator. As in HALLELUJAH

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