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Fiber in Kingwood? - 1 years ago

Sorry i meant *fiber optic internet*. My diet already has plenty of fiber in it. Anybody know if there are plans by any companies like AT&T to bring their fiber optic internet service to kingwood (...

Fiber in Kingwood? - 1 years ago

I see places like Fall Creek just south of us are starting to get fiber. Is anybody aware if plans by any company to bring fiber to kingwood?

I bet this guy wishes he could take a knee - 1 years ago

The sport has been inundated with politics for the longest time (US military pays NFL to have the players stay out on the field for the national anthem [forced patriotism], and having military demonst...

NAME CHANGE: *boooth* is now *oooo* - 1 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

*****TrumpMANIA Continues***** - 3 years ago

Just goes to show that if you want to make it as a Republican, you either have to have a billionaire sugar-daddy, or be a billionaire yourself. Republicans are either plutocrats or subjects who enj...

*****TrumpMANIA Continues***** - 3 years ago

Trump has admittedly bought politicians time and again. He himself is a "special interest". Now the special interests have decided to take out the middleman and run our government directly. And th...

FEEL THE BERN - 3 years ago

Just would like to point out that over the last 30 years, there has already been tremendous class warfare and redistribution of wealth that started with Reagan. Starting in the early 80s, wealth trans...

Black Lives Matter posts their 10-point plan... - 3 years ago

BLM is hitting the nail on the head with regards to much needed criminal justice reform (I think cops should be held more accountable), but stop blaming problems in the black community on the white bo...

FEEL THE BERN - 3 years ago

Joe, Did you go to the Houston rally in July? I went, and it was great! Good to see another person who wants to elect a politician not bought by superPACs and billionaire sugar-daddies.

*****TrumpMANIA Continues***** - 3 years ago

[i]With all due respect, Fuzz, we've already tolerated 7 years of a Socialist and don't need another one.?[/i] As was said before, Sanders is not even a socialist. He is a "democratic socialist", w...

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