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Lock her up - 24 days ago

I’m not claiming it is, but republicans have set the precedent that it is wrong, by chanting lock her up in response to Hillary Clinton using personal email. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

Mass shooting question - 24 days ago

[i]They are conservative people[/i] In other words, it’s biased against anyone who isn’t in lockstep with their antiquated ideology. ATD literally just attacked a poster in her last message on t...

Lock her up - 24 days ago

Ivanka has been using personal email for government business. Where are the republicans chanting lock her up?

Michael Avanetti is in jail for domestic violence. - 24 days ago

His surveillance system showed that this never happened.

Happy Veterans Day Weekend - 35 days ago

Mass shooting question - 36 days ago

It’s a lot harder to procure explosives than guns. Can you tell me the last time a successful attack in the US with explosives was?

Trump's pretzel logic - 36 days ago

Maybe you should clue emp in.

Two 15 YO's Died Yesterday in a Murder/Suicide - 36 days ago

What, your thoughts and prayers didn’t work? I’m shocked.

Mass shooting question - 36 days ago

Again ATD, why are you feeding into the nonsense? Do you think if this guy had a knife 12 people would be dead, including a cop? How many people could the Las Vegas killer killed from his hotel ...

Interesting perspective on the border situation - 41 days ago

Ugh ATD. Why do you feed into this nonsense? Nobody is walking into the country.

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