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I joined this crazy place on 2017-02-14, 131 days ago.

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Guns don't kill people - 5 hours ago

You find everything funny.

HaHaHa - City of Houston Water Dept. - 7 hours ago

[i]jackass --- 4 hours ago - quote - hide comments LOL?[/i] You seem to find everything funny.

Guns don't kill people - 7 hours ago

[i]jackass --- 24 min ago - quote - hide comments LoL[/i] Actually there is nothing funny about what I said because it's true. Nice try to deflect but not successful.

Definitive list of Trump lies - 9 hours ago

I doubt every President has been treated the way Pres Trump has been treated. Show me where the right attacked Obama's children like the left went after Trump's 11 year old son.

HaHaHa - City of Houston Water Dept. - 12 hours ago

Be glad you don't live in Portland, OR. The water department there charges for the rain water that goes down the sewers.

Guns don't kill people - 12 hours ago

If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. The law breakers don't care about gun laws they get them anyway so the only people affected by strict gun laws are law abiding citizens. Case in po...

More Liberal Threats of Violence - 12 hours ago

Definitive list of Trump lies - 12 hours ago

[i]It's fascinating from a psychological perspective.[/i] I think it's really weird that all the democrats do is pick apart everything, and I mean everything, that Pres Trump does and says. Down to...


Texas License Plate - 18 hours ago

Why do you want to know?

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