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Nevada shooting - 357 days ago

[i]Exactly my point. That data is not posted anywhere, yet WA/PO, NYT, CNN etc ran with it as gospel since sensationalism and fear are an easy sell and it perpetuates their anti-gun narrative. [/i] ...

Nevada shooting - 358 days ago

[i]2,700 people polled duly noted, the outcome hardly can be construed as factually representing the entire country[/i] A. Where is the survey breakdown outlining the locale of the participants an...

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 363 days ago

[i]It's the people screaming after every incident. They are the problem. [/i] Silence is always the problem, not the people speaking up. That is why there is freedom of speech.

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 363 days ago

JBlake, Absolutely agree. The issue is that we need to get fair information out there so everyone really understands what the pros and cons of having a gun are. As for manufacturers, it does bri...

Nevada shooting - 363 days ago

[i]my stats class uh huh sure. [/i] You may have used the same process to count up how many people said they own red pants, and how many owned green pants and then came up with a percentage. I i...

Nevada shooting - 363 days ago

[i]2 notoriously liberal, ergo anti-gun, schools. Who did they survey? You can bet it was not a representative cross section of everyday USA. [/i] Really, check out how many politicians rode their...

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 1 years ago

[i]Chicago is as bad as Las Vegas every month and no one does anything about it. If someone wants to kill, you don't need a gun.[/i] But the access and lethality of a gun makes death more likely th...

Nevada shooting - 1 years ago

Really? I didn't learn that in my stats class. Surveys have to be analyzed to get percentages and statistical data. Given that the info came out of Harvard and Northeastern, I'll take their numbers ov...

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 1 years ago

[i]You sure its paranoia?[/i] Yes, three opinions are not a majority. Paranoia.

Ben Affleck Apologizes for breast grabbing incident - 1 years ago

[i]I suspect Hollywood is way behind the rest of corporate America in dealing with predators. But, because someone named Rose Somebody said, "he raped me twice", doesn't make it true. But, it seems...

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