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I joined this crazy place on 2018-01-10, 2 years ago.

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I care about Kingwood - 57 days ago

[i]Ordinaryuy and sdaniel, you have not idea how insidious this virus is. Have you not looked at the news. To say "few will die" shows total ignorance of the news. People are not "playing politics" wh...

I care about Kingwood - 66 days ago

[i]It's all of us. It doesn't care if we are red, blue or purple. This is another opportunity for us to come together as a community and help each other.[/i] Good luck with that. The left still w...

Hi everyone, - 73 days ago

I guess no one wants to party.

Hi everyone, - 82 days ago

[i]Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 23 hours ago - quote - hide comments I would post more but I found out I was dead two weeks ago.[/i] I remember that. LOL Maybe we should tell you that you are alive an...

Hi everyone, - 83 days ago

No posts in a week so here is one!!!

Porter Wagoneer Lives! - 96 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I would guess that was news to you!!

I admit I miss this place - 103 days ago

[i]Petty moderating and baiting from so called bobbette know it alls. Killed this place. It deserves the attn it gets My POVĀ [/i] Actually, you are a contributor to this website's demise. You ...

I admit I miss this place - 104 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Then you like it this way. Too bad!!!

Wow - 114 days ago

I went to It's more regulated and there isn't any name calling like there was here. The politics killed this site.

Lost Cat - 125 days ago

I hope you find him and he's okay!

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