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I joined this crazy place on 2018-01-10, 1 years ago.

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Has Anyone Done A Mail In DNA Test? - 3 days ago

I did and it came back with things I was not aware of at all. It may surprise you.

The latest Immigration Plan - 3 days ago

I thought I would ask.

The latest Immigration Plan - 3 days ago

[i]It's the same immigration policy used in Canada, The UK, Australia, Japan etc; an immigration plan that actually benefits the country, not straddles us with uneducated lifetime welfare cases.[/i] ...

Death Penalty Supporters - 3 days ago

[i]Please tell me what stricter gun laws would have prevented any school shooting. On that subject, school shootings are a relative new malady of society. What has changed over the last 30 years that ...

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 3 days ago

[i]You came here to inform us all that this place doesn't meet your needs? [/i] It looks that but he is right. The other blogs are much nicer because they are really controlled. If you say somethin...

What a Sick Alien he is - 3 days ago

Probably not. He always looks at the negatives. He probably gets his info from the main stream media opinions (not news).

It Looks Like Rain Again This Weekend - 3 days ago

It sure is.

It Looks Like Rain Again This Weekend - 4 days ago

It looks like it's going to rain again this weekend. Hopefully it won't cause flooding.

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 4 days ago

Some people are stubborn and refuse to learn. I don't mind political conversations as long as there is respect between the people and insults are left out. Facts are what count. If you want to state y...

Deranged Donald - 4 days ago

[i]Funny, you have said this is a public forum. Are you really as ill informed as your statement suggests. [/i] Only to a certain extent. It's a public forum WITH rules. If you don't follow them...

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