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Mueller Attacks Republicans - 1 days ago

[i]Nope. Seems to be going fairly well so far.?[/i] Really....what evidence of collusion by Pres Trump does Mueller have?

Mueller Attacks Republicans - 1 days ago

It's been messed up from the first day it started. There have been conflicts of interest by the democrats that are being ignored. The fact that he picked all democrats to do the investigation show how...

FDR Collusion With Russia - 1 days ago

OK...Obama colluded with the russians.

FDR Collusion With Russia - 1 days ago

[i]You?re implying that Mr Trump did and we all know that he did not.?[/i] No I am not. I'm implying nothing other than Obama colluded with the russians.

Democrats Move Far Left - 1 days ago

FDR Collusion With Russia - 1 days ago

Even Obama colluded with the Russians.

me & putin are one - 2 days ago

You guys have TDS really bad. I feel sorry for you.

Democrats Move Far Left - 2 days ago

It is strange but I'll bet most of the US does not want socialism.

Ice Box - 2 days ago

No, she thought she said something that made her deserve the icebox so she put herself in there.

Whoopi is a TOTAL waste of oxygen! - 2 days ago

[i]Hats off to Whoopi. She gave that woman the reality slap she needed.?[/i] You have Trump Derangement Syndrome really bad.....I feel sorry for you that you have to be so negative so much.

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