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The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees

I joined this crazy place on 2005-09-11, 12 years ago.

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VOCAL AND PIANO LESSONS for the 2017-2018 School year! - 15 days ago

I'm doing sign up NOW. Weekday afternoon lessons are for school aged students only. Adults will be placed in morning lessons. Thursday's are makeup days. Ages 8+ $30 an hour, $20 a half hour,...

KHS Families - Critical Vote by 6 PM Today - 21 days ago

What happens to sports for khs students? I know of some kids who were hopeful for an athletic scholarship.

Rain totals ... so far - 29 days ago

Almost 6 inches here

Why do the liberals seem to focus on attacking a KU member instead of the topic? - 33 days ago

It's not the "liberals", it's a certain group on here. They insist on attacking each other and anyone who gets in their way.

Something besides political discussions - 45 days ago

We are going to Georgia to see the full eclipse. I can't wait!!!

GOT - 48 days ago

Such an amazingly intense episode last night! Each week one-ups the last. There were times when I was alternating between just saying a litany of "nonononononono's" or covering my eyes because I was ...

Anyone ever been; if so, I'm jealous - 53 days ago

That's gorgeous. I'm going to Georgia in a few weeks and there are waterfalls by the cabin we're staying in. I'm so excited!

Moderators - 54 days ago

Which mods do you think are alts and what are the alts of the mods? I'm so confused.

It's time to re-address a problem we seem to have on this site. - 58 days ago

The ultimate sign of disrespect is to turn around and do precisely what you've been asked not to do.

It's time to re-address a problem we seem to have on this site. - 58 days ago

And that is being rude just to be rude. What's the point? It only serves to create tension, and it makes you look insecure in yourself to the rest of us. Let's try to keep it civil and discuss ...

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