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The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees

I joined this crazy place on 2005-09-11, 13 years ago.

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Lead Fine Arts and Music Teacher at Curious Kids Learning Center

latest comments

Why is Kingwood Dr shut down. - 1 days ago

It looked like a tree had fallen in the road

Protest meeting for new marina - 7 days ago

It'll be literally next door to me. I don't want to look out my windows and see giant buildings instead of birds...

Actor cuts off arm to get acting roles.. - 10 days ago

Mental illness is really devastating and debilitating. I hope he stays healthy and this doesn't kill his career. He could use this to further awareness and get people talking about being mentally il...

What are you doing for NYE? - 22 days ago

Gonna hang with my kids. Maybe finally watch Die Hard. 2018 was rough, gonna be glad to see it go. I'm not sure how 2019 is going to turn out. It'd be nice to have a nice quiet year where nothing ba...

Die Hard - 27 days ago

It's absolutely a Christmas movie!

Christmas presents - 35 days ago

THe more we respond to the thread ruiners the more fuel it gives them. Even making notes about their postings being removed gives them the satisfaction of having been noticed. Ignore and they'll go ...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - 37 days ago

[i]Yes, I get the concept.[/i] Then prove it and live it. What job am I not doing? This is a volunteer position. On a message board. Act like an adult.

Why, oh why - 37 days ago

Just put all the presents in a giant Santa bag and tie it with a bow. It'll look like Santa forgot his bag and give the kids more to be excited about. Tag all the gifts inside with the person's name...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - 37 days ago

Mark, stop the personal vendetta against us. If you would just post like a normal person instead of someone with an ax to grind ALL the time, you wouldn't be iced. You pick on posters, you stir the ...

Why, oh why - 38 days ago

I just bought this doohickey that slides over the wrapping paper roll and it cuts the paper. WHich is a HUGE game changer since my hands are getting old and holding scissors is starting to hurt after...

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