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The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees

I joined this crazy place on 2005-09-11, 12 years ago.

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The President does it again. - 6 days ago

If Trump spoke or wrote like an adult and not like a 5th grader posturing on the playground at recess, then I might take him seriously. While I may not have totally agreed with Obama politically, one...

Can I now say "**** hole on KU? - 6 days ago

Trump has the brain power and mentality of an angry toddler. Don't lower yourself to his level. Rise above! =)

New Year's Eve plans? - 19 days ago

Gonna watch a movie with my kids and drink a glass of champagne at midnight. Kids get sparkling cider. Maybe a board game. We're wild and crazy.

Don't trust split-tails - 40 days ago

What in the world...?

School of Rock pricing? NEED GUITAR LESSONS - 41 days ago

Looking to get guitar lessons for my daughter who has never picked up a guitar before in her life. Does anyone do School of Rock? Or, if you're a guitar teacher, please let me know. I'm a voi...

Peace Sign - Kingwood Dr. - 52 days ago

It's up!!!!

Youtube Google Discrimination - 56 days ago

[i]Keep living in CNN Land. I've had multiple friends banned repeatedly for posting for violence against Antifa & BLM. Funny, not once, under a separate account were they banned calling for violence a...

Hi Everyone - 66 days ago


KU really is a ghost town these days... - 71 days ago

[i]Because "storing the pot" isnt an iceable offence. Why are you a mod??[/i] Well, stirring the pot definitely is, and that's all you seem to do. Why not post actual interesting topics instead of...

KU really is a ghost town these days... - 71 days ago

You don't want to get iced, stop doing iceable things. Also, I'm sorry for misspelling "stirring", Mark. My autocorrect on my phone really just doesn't like me much.

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