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I joined this crazy place on 2006-08-24, 14 years ago.

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Loving life in the Livable Forest since 2006. My profile name just means that my name starts with J and I'm a Dad. I never thought about it meaning something else and don't want to change it.

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HEB has Cherries On Sale! - 4 years ago

Best post in ages! Thanks!

Bear Branch HOA - 5 years ago

Any City of Houston resident can ask for help from the City to enforce deed restrictions if there is no HOA or if the HOA is unwilling to act. I'm not in Bear Branch, but there are options available ...

The moral crisis of our age - 5 years ago

[i] Wow, you would rather prevent an abortion of a fetus than what happens with blood diamonds? Raiding of entire villages, torture, murder and exploitation?? [/i] Substitute the word "fetus" wit...

The moral crisis of our age - 5 years ago

Remember that Germany funded the deployment of Lenin and 32 like minded revolutionaries on Russia in 1917 to undermine the will of the people to win the war. It worked and instead of a post-war, post...

Evan Carroll - 5 years ago

Wow... Evan finally went Nationwide Dumbass! I quit visiting KU because of knuckleheads like him. I can truly say we found his vitriol despicable first, long before the rest of the world found out a...

This is Kingwood Festival 5K - 7 years ago


This is Kingwood Festival 5K - 7 years ago

Where does the 5K start? Is it at 8:00 AM? I only got a glimpse of the poster when chasing my kids back into the car after visiting Baskin Robbins. Looking online I only found one reference and it ...

Breaking News...Explosion at the finish line at Boston Marathon - 7 years ago

Horrible. Prayers for those affected and all of us that live in such a broken world.

Is it legal to sell liquid mercury? - 7 years ago

I used to play with the stuff as a kid. You could buy a bottle of it at the local Zayre's department store.. probably explains a lot!

speedofart - 7 years ago

oh... it's not a real website... duh

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