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Fin and Feather

I joined this crazy place on 2007-10-07, 14 years ago.

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Truly Blessed Proud father who Enjoys: participating in sporting activities, Taking quiet strolls through the woods that end up keeping the freezer full, eating tasty animals, and fixing things. Also known to do Cedar Fencing and windshield repair on the side. Enjoy shopping as much as hunting with the game warden.

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Whale wars - 10 years ago

fail wars.. still love it! Kinda find my self voting for the other side at times like yeah ram it etc.. idk why think its the chubby ones attitude lol

Tire Debris on the Freeway - 10 years ago

well they dont allow them to.. on the front two lol

Would you call the SPCA? - 10 years ago

No Frizies allowed I'm just clowning but serious don't go playing name calling it could be offensive because frankly I've resembled that remark lol

Would you call the SPCA? - 10 years ago

Idiot is such a harsh word in a public forum. now might I ask if you'd like the opportunity to look someone in the eye and say that, of corse you would right but frankly mrs scarlet we dont give a .....

Would you call the SPCA? - 10 years ago

Wish I'd of taken the picture of a pasture I saw last week.. All the cattle had vacated the field of green grass to pile into a stock trailer just to get shade and break the sun. Guess what im sayingn...

Would you call the SPCA? - 10 years ago

These animals are superior to us when it comes to naturally resisting weathering conditions and and carry an incredible athletic ability. Just goes to show that when it's gods plan it all works out in...

Would you call the SPCA? - 10 years ago

Nope, can't say there is any law saying you can't transport animals saddled or stop to get food when transporting animals. It is illegal to make permanent residence for animals without certain anminit...

HEB Beer Sale - 10 years ago

Ive done the same with lone star light and perl, deff not my first choice but when in rome do as the romans!!

HEB Beer Sale - 10 years ago

That stuff will put some hair on ya! lol

I had my first Bucee's experience - 10 years ago

ahh Buc-ees!!! the #1 choice for #2

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