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Why is God causing all these Tornadoes? - 6 years ago

I fill so sorry for all of those people and there family's for all there losses they are in my prayers.

Is God is watching over Obama? - 6 years ago

Obama studied the Koran so I don't know if that is our same God.

Food Intolerance Testing - 6 years ago

The only way to really be sure if you are having a problem with food is to take something out of your for two weeks. Then another food and keep going untill you can figure out what is making you sick....

Life coming to a close for my Aunt. - 6 years ago

I am very sorry prayers I know she is a very special lady.

POLL: It's rodeo time. Are you going? - 6 years ago

You got that right Rush we spend a lot of money on those show animals they are treated very well.

~*Living Gluten free? Advice please - 6 years ago

Queen I had never heard of it 9 yrs ago when I was told I had this disease. I bought some books and started learning at the time I didn't own a computer. I think you will do just fine just learn to re...

How to keep a woman from biting? - 6 years ago

Maybe she is a vampire.

KME Dr Ausburn... - 6 years ago

I feel for all the Staff at Kings Manor it effects everybody there I feel sad for them. I hope everything turns out ok.

KME Dr Ausburn... - 6 years ago

My heart and Prayers goes out to Dr Ausburn and his family I know it is hard on them I know he will be ok.

I have a medical question.... - 6 years ago

Tattoo have them run a Celiac Panel if you have this can cause weight loss.

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