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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-16, 6 years ago.

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Free moving boxes - 6 days ago

20+ including a wardrobe box, in very good shape, just need someone to pick them up by Saturday

Question about concert tonight - 18 days ago

I've brought wine. They didn't sell it there last time I went which a while ago.

Anyone need/want a set of Pampered Chef cookware? - 80 days ago

Also interested

Houston Police arrest one in connection with Kingwood carjacking incident - 81 days ago

Honestly, I was referring to the original post. And watchamacallit, I recently have started substitute teaching so hopefully I can continue to teach our children that grammar does matter!

Houston Police arrest one in connection with Kingwood carjacking incident - 81 days ago

I would like to volunteer my services free as a proofreader/ editor for any and all posts submitted here on KU as it has become increasingly difficult to read/interpret many of the comments posted. A...

how to drink Godiva liqueur- - 119 days ago

You can use it to make a chocolate martini-yum!

Singer Susan Boyle reveals she has Assburger's - 134 days ago

Not funny to anyone who has it nor anyone who understands the challenges involved with autism.

Road detour on W. Lake Houston by Skeeters, whats up? - 134 days ago

They are bullies and an embarrassment to our community. Many wonderful people have left KU because of this unnecessary harassment of AK and others. They only feel good about themselves when they beli...

September 11th - 224 days ago

My hope is that tomorrow will be a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives, their families and friends, and us as a nation for the toll it has taken on our rights and freedoms. I hope every...

Anyone ever wonder how Perry got rich? - 274 days ago

Soup for All- start a new thread. This one's for Rick!

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