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I joined this crazy place on 2008-08-03, 14 years ago.

» save zapper007 as my FRIEND - HOSER

Whatever... Liars cannot stand...

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Glib 'happy talk' - 8 years ago

What a complete piece of tripe!!!!!

Hardest places to live map - 8 years ago

What does "statitically infantile" mean in English???

how stupid are the terrorists? - 8 years ago

Clueless in KW...

How to get a free meal with drinks... - 8 years ago

Last night for Valentines Day dinner, my ds and I went to the Cedar Landing on the lake. Food was delicious, per usual. They became pretty busy, and the couple next to us complained about the se...

Crape Murder has begun - 8 years ago

To trim - or not to trim... That is the question...[b]opinions are welcome[/b]...

Previous ID's here, HELP ME! - 8 years ago

Zapper007 = Zapper007 = Zapper007,

Dominique Sachse has done it again!! - 8 years ago

[i]Zapper- the photos you referenced look like the same woman at 17 and 47. Structurally everything is the same.[/i] I can tell you must be an

Dominique Sachse has done it again!! - 8 years ago

[url=]Plastic Surgery - before and after...[/url]

...I'm just sayin... - 8 years ago

And - about 1/2 of the KU adults!!!

Where's my mail? - 8 years ago

I witnessed really pi**ed PO customer in the KW PO last week. Finally the Postmaster asker to leave the premises. She stayed a around for @20 more minutes, before finally leaving... [b]She, on...

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