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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-17, 5 years ago.

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Meanwhile..... In the peace loving world of Islam - 69 days ago

[i]Stop using a singular paintbrush for an entire group of people.? Like you do with Christians??[/i] LOL, exactly. Jams, maybe it's time to take some of that good advice yourself.

What does "transgender" mean? - 73 days ago

[i]Why not create a bathroom for those who are afraid of other humans? [/i] Yes, let's. At her most vulnerable, most ladies feel safer in a women's only bathroom. Odds are that one woman can hand...

What does "transgender" mean? - 73 days ago

If conservatives decide bathroom doors and stalls are no longer allowed, does that mean they're still bigots?

Recommendations for Psychologists in the Kingwood/Humble Area - 162 days ago

[i]those without a sense of humor can suck it. refer to the picture above.?[/i] Not even the meanest, crudest of your little buddies ever come to your aid when you contribute this sort of stuff. H...

All my old friends are now.. - 193 days ago

[i]If we didn't change, we would all be stuck back in the 60s with those horrible fashions. [/i] Perfection, SACRILEGE! I am crazy about the 60s fashions. Painting on those cat eyes, wearing a lit...

All my old friends are now.. - 193 days ago

[i]LOL at "unbridled" [/i] Sorry. Didn't mean to underestimate some of you folks.

All my old friends are now.. - 194 days ago

[i]I guess tinpan's inconsistencies, lies and bipolar took hold.[/i] Or maybe that kind of unbridled nastiness caused Fin Feather's friends to let go.

PROPOSAL: Add tinman as moderator - 245 days ago

Congrats, Tinman! I love the Wizard of Oz references. Only I'd make Joelle Glenda, Adam is the Wizard, Warren can be the scarecrow, Kara can be the Witch of the West. And maybe Kearny can be Dorot...

Well, This Isn't Surprising - 277 days ago

If what we're witnessing of SleightofHand's responses to verbal provocations is any indication of his possible reactions to women's physical aggression, I'm not sure what the big debate is here. Un...

Leave God Out Of It! - 335 days ago

So what's your quota?

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