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I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-22, 11 years ago.

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Dining room set - 9 years ago

Just thought I'd mention on here that I have a dining room set for sale. I have listed on kw yard sales but no takers. I'm trying to sale it by the end of the week. Email for pics. 800 obo. It include...

Found male Husky - 9 years ago

I know there a lot of lost dog post but I figured I'd try KU for some help finding this dog his owner, even if it's a long shot. A friend found a male Husky in Conroe on the railroad tracks near 105 a...

MMA class recommendations.... - 9 years ago

Team Tooke. Excellent coaches and a top notch program. They have two locations. One in Spring and another in Tomball. I go to the Tomball location. It's only about 20 min from Kingwood. The facility i...

Dog house for sale - 10 years ago

I have a huge, as in it'll fit 3 medium size dogs maybe even 3 largish dogs for sale. It was custom made by my dad. I have some pics I just can't post them because my Apple product doesn't let me do t...

Emergency dog sitter needed! - 10 years ago

I know it's a strange request but I have to leave for a week out of town and I was hoping someone on KU could help me with my dog. He's a 4 year old German Shepard, really easy going and obeys command...

Know any Vegetarian Dishes? - 10 years ago

You can do lots of things with lentil beans. This lentil taco recipe is one of my favorites and if you have any left over you can make stuffed bell peppers the next day! Go to they have...

Swimmer's ear plugs....where do you buy them? - 10 years ago

You can try Swim Shops of the Southwest. They have a lots of swimming equipment and sell both the silicone and plastic ear plugs. They're located at Pinehurst Trail and 1960.

What good is a collar on your dog ? - 10 years ago

Orvis sells a great collar that has the name and phone # stitched in along with a metal collar so it doesn't break like the plastic ones can. They even make it reflective if you want it. http://www...

Words with friends - 10 years ago

You can't delete them. If after 11 days they don't make a move the game will auto-resign them. I've had people make one move every 10 days just to keep the game going! I'm addicted, if anyone wants to...

Firefighters - 10 years ago

Well as far as the training goes, it can be pretty tough. There is a lot more classroom work then you would think and it involves some math but over all if you went to college you can get through the...

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