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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-13, 6 years ago.

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I think it's hilarious that some people take 30 years to graduate and others lie daily..

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Terrorist attack in Toronto - 25 days ago

So aguy could t get a gun so he carried out a terrier attack in another way. We now need to ban vans. 12 families are burying loved ones because a crazy guy got behind the wheel

Comey memo leaked by Congress - 30 days ago

I thought the indictment was happening after the comey testimony last year. It's been a long clock lol

it comes down to porn stars, whores, and Access Hollywood taking Trump to Impeachment - 38 days ago

Will the liberals turn on mueller like they did comedy?

This isn't fair - Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax - 41 days ago

[i]once they get back in power. You mean in the upcoming midterm. [/i] That's what the Dems claim. So will they make the tax cuts permanent and admit trump did the right thing or let them expire...

This isn't fair - Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax - 43 days ago

[i], what's stopping them from making them permanent? Nitwits that vote republican that write policies like permanent tax cuts for corporations. Why do regular people vote republican? How about...

This isn't fair - Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax - 43 days ago

[i].weren?t those tax cuts good enough?? No!...They are temporary for you and me. Permanent for Corporations. Why is that cool? [/i] Thought the Dems had a blue wave, what's stopping them from ...

Trumpty Dump feeling the HEAT - 64 days ago

[i]I heard one state has passed legislation so that he can't be on their 2020 ballot without releasing tax returns. LMFAO [/i] A state that has spears went blue .. big deal lol

School Shootings---a possible solution... - 91 days ago

lol at pointing to Australia. They bought back 500k guns. We have 10,000,000 ar 15.. where will the buy back money coke from? You can't compare a country like Australia that doesn't have our gun cultu...

Dow Jones going down fast - 98 days ago

When did republicans take over congress.. where do budgets and policy originate fur the stock market to react

Dow Jones going down fast - 100 days ago

The Dow is still up 24% over the last 12 months that includes the drop 🙄

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