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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-13, 6 years ago.

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I think it's hilarious that some people take 30 years to graduate and others lie daily..

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School Shootings---a possible solution... - 1 days ago

lol at pointing to Australia. They bought back 500k guns. We have 10,000,000 ar 15.. where will the buy back money coke from? You can't compare a country like Australia that doesn't have our gun cultu...

Dow Jones going down fast - 9 days ago

When did republicans take over congress.. where do budgets and policy originate fur the stock market to react

Dow Jones going down fast - 10 days ago

The Dow is still up 24% over the last 12 months that includes the drop 🙄

Can someone explain to me what exactly is wrong with "chain migration?" - 22 days ago

Fuzz thinks dreamers were born here 😂😂

republican Faith in America Falls - 58 days ago

Polls again .. liberals still believe them after the 2016 whooping they received

Mayor Turner wants to raise property taxes - 160 days ago

[i]Why don't you research before you post? Legally it is only allowed for a year so it will only be for a year. SMH and RME and LMFAO! [/i] The same way the toll rd was going to be free after it wa...

Mayor Turner wants to raise property taxes - 162 days ago

9% tax hike. Only home owners would get the hike and it's only for one year wink wink

Trump treason tapes - 205 days ago

Once again mark watch the entire video not the one CNN edited.. he was speaking of ms13 gang members .. I'll ask again now that I've explained it twice.. why are you a fan of ms13

Trump treason tapes - 205 days ago

Then why post a screenshot of a tweet that is misleading and not what his speech was about?

Trump treason tapes - 205 days ago

Well the meme you posted was referring to trump speech where he was talking about hitting ms13 gang members heads while putting them in the squad car Since you posted the screenshot of that tweet, ...

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