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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-13, 5 years ago.

» save DatBoyHooD as my FRIEND - HOSER

I think it's hilarious that some people take 30 years to graduate and others lie daily..

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#CNNBlackmail - 20 days ago

They can find some random redit user in a. couple hours but can't find any trump/Russia rigging

Tennessee Issues Epic Resolution in Response to Caifornia's stupid travel ban - 29 days ago

California needs to work on being number one in poverty per the supplement poverty measure

Guns don't kill people - 33 days ago

Blaming the gun for a shooting is like blaming a penis for rape

Pence lawyered up - 41 days ago

Interesting so when someone gets a lawyer, they are guilty.. time to screenshot this for future use

Awesome: "Republican lawmaker: I called immigration authorities on Capitol protesters - 56 days ago

They were holding up signs saying I'm illegal and staying here ... they are admitting me to breaking the law and he did the right thing

Melania evades Trump's hand again - 64 days ago

Lol when the video shows the wind blowing her in her face .. #Desperate

tRump confirms source of his leak to Russia - 64 days ago

Lol fuzz we have the leakiest administration ever and not one reputable source has came forward to show any collusion with Russia John Brennan (CIA director under obama) in his testimony even said ...

tRump confirms source of his leak to Russia - 64 days ago

It's going to be a long four years and hopefully a couple SCOTUS for the left to get triggered on

tRump broke promise to not cut Medicaid - 64 days ago

lol dp yetvtgr left blamed and brought up bush for eight years

Comey was about to bust Trumpty - 77 days ago

October 2016 the liberals were screaming for obama to fire comey for interfering in the election. Now that he's fired it's a cover up.. liberals are never happy

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