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Just stuck

I joined this crazy place on 2012-07-03, 9 years ago.

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Trump team Russian ties officially under investigation - 5 years ago

[i]You must admit she is much better looking than Killary. [/i] Bill even thought so yesterday. The horn-dogs tongue was hanging out of his mouth... Looking at all the Trump woman.

Making a grocery list - 5 years ago

mutton --- 4 hours ago - quote - hide comments Cheetos and wine and goose...all you need. Also, so easy no list required. But if you need a list to buy teepee paper you have issues no one here ...

Trigger warning for soup: Hillary won the popular vote - 5 years ago

doesn't matter.... Trump is going to be the president on Jan 20th

Hillary Lies Again - 5 years ago

[i]You know they are estranged right? [/i] Still married,though

Hillary Lies Again - 5 years ago

[i] You should change your name to lowered information [/i] Wow that's funny coming from you....

Dad died, mom in love w/ another man. - 5 years ago

Was he convicted of the assault? Anybody can be charged with anything. Has she been with him for 2 years or longer? Have you ever met him?

Such a disgrace.... The media should be ashamed..... - 6 years ago

That there is funny!

Such a disgrace.... The media should be ashamed..... - 6 years ago

freebyrd she isn't even cold yet. How do you know there won't be more coverage? DUH! Just acting in your righteous bigmouth way as usual.

Rigo's to Austin's - 6 years ago

I believe that is Rigos. Ricos was across the street and now called Cilantro's

Grocery Store Etiquette (HEB) - 6 years ago

Weird that The Watchful Eye is giving etiquette lessons when he/she is extremely rude to everyone else in the Country... No wonder people say Kingwoodians are snotty. Please just get over yourself! No...

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