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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 5 years ago.

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!!! If it is only colusion - IMPEACH, if more... - 5 days ago

Virtually no politician has morals.

I can't stand it!!!! - 7 days ago

[url=]Hoston Pollen & Mold Counts[/url]

Dow Jones PLUNGING yet again - 15 days ago

Well, Trump had to fix the China trade deficit situation since no one else would. It'll rebound and I'm not worried one bit.

Teen couple - 20 days ago

Yeah, we'll wait for police, but at the same time we hate cops. Removed

#MuellerTime LMFAO - 20 days ago

[i]So the difference being its ok bc Trump is a republican? [/i] Billy had a White House intern blow him under the desk while he was president....

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 33 days ago

Why do you socialists think other people's money belongs to you?

Trumpty Dump feeling the HEAT - 33 days ago

Joey, pathetically getting his hopes up again.

$3Mil to dredge the San Jac River - 34 days ago

I'm guessing the real cost is over 100-million.

They're Killing Me!! - 34 days ago

I use double Claritin all the time. No side effects.

They're Killing Me!! - 35 days ago

Try a double dose of Claritin.

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