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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 6 years ago.

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Fried Chicken And Waffles - 1 days ago

Don't knock it until you try it.

What Do You Think About Raising Vaping/Smoking Age To 21? - 3 days ago

Anti-tobacco organizations made up of relatives of dead smokers, not capers. The chemicals in burning tobacco smoke are far more and different than in a vape puff.

Release the Mueller report - 3 days ago

Simple minded liberals. You fools just can't accept the truth. Your actions are ensuring a reelection for Trump and republican congressmen.

PRAYERS for our Beloved Catholic Cathedral in Paris!!!! - 3 days ago

I agree with you here Mark. Just so many untrustworthy charities. I know the Salvation Army is corrupt as Hell. Those red buckets around Christmas don't pay for children's toys. Sponsors already do. T...

What Do You Think About Raising Vaping/Smoking Age To 21? - 3 days ago

[i]You might try googling the medical studies and see for yourself. I did. I would never put the chemicals mentioned in my body.[/i] I don't smoke or vape. Never have. Research who pays for those "...

What Do You Think About Raising Vaping/Smoking Age To 21? - 3 days ago

Vaping isn't dangerous like the carcinogens in cigarette smoke. Vaping = Addictive = YES Vaping = Legitimate Danger = NO, in fact, HELL NO. Don't listen to government propaganda.

Found at Greentree Elementary/ white longhair cat with...... - 4 days ago

Could have an elderly owner, a sick owner, countless possibilities.

Lori Laughlin Rejects Plea Deal/ Pleads Innocent - 4 days ago

[i]the money they used in the college cheating scandal was used as a deduction on their taxes...[/i] That will send them away easier than anything else.

Trump melting down on twitter - 4 days ago

Keep dreaming, potato head.

LET's STOP USING every version of hyphenated AMERICAN!!! - 4 days ago

It's hilarious because I had six "Facebook Friends" unfriend me after I supported Trump or proved particular friend's arguments about or against Trump wrong. I never did that because I disliked Ob...

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