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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 4 years ago.

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Hins open? - 4 hours ago

Try Peking Cuisine off the Southwest Freeway. It's outstanding. Right near the IRS office.

Hins open? - 1 days ago

[i]You think just because I don't like OG that I work for Hunan? LOL![/i] I wasn't actually being serious...

Kingwood High School - 1 days ago

They just spent millions of dollars in 2008/2009 remodeling & renovating it. I seriously doubt it. That would take two or three years.

Red Lobster - 1 days ago

186 Shrimp (Fried & Scampi) 11 Cheddar Bay Biscuits Order of Fries Salad 7 Sodas Beat that!

26 yr old male looking for job - 1 days ago

Got a car and a clean driving record go deliver pizzaa. I averaged $17 an hour doing that a decade ago.

Candy Store - 2 days ago

Is the one in the mall still there?

Hins open? - 2 days ago

I honestly only eat @ Mencius for lunch as it's gotten so overpriced. High quality - yes, but no higher than Oriental Gardens IMO.

Hins open? - 3 days ago

[i]Went to Menicius last night. It was yummy but portions were smaller and they were out of steamed dumplings[/i] The original owners (Horace & Cindy) sold it! I've heard it's got worse, but was ge...

Hins open? - 11 days ago

[i]Oriental Gardens is disgusting.?[/i] You must work for Hunan Garden. Oriental Gardens since 1981. I worked there. Cleanliness and quality are how they stand out. LMFAO comparing Hin's to OG o...

Ivanka and Daddy! - 15 days ago

The pettiness amongst liberals is disturbing.

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