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I joined this crazy place on 2013-02-27, 7 years ago.

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Married, working, a little above average, mother of two.

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Update on two dogs - 3 years ago

No chip in either male dog. Recently given vasectomies with green tattoo of male symbol on both. White is Terrier Scottie mix, other gray Pit. Posted everywhere I can think. Gentle, quiet, snuggly, pr...

found 2 sweet dogs - 3 years ago

I did there as well! I'm in love with these boys! So sweet! Already protecting us and barking at people who pass by in the green belt LOL

found 2 sweet dogs - 3 years ago

found 2 sweet dogs - 3 years ago

I have the dogs in my backyard! They are too sweet to just pass them by! I'm a dog lover but my son is allergic to dogs :( please look at my public post and share from Facebook! Heather Gardner

Well Woman...I need an Obgyn - 5 years ago

Looking for an MD not PA or NP. In kw. Tired of driving to med center but seems to be my only option. KW has great chiropractors but no great outstanding MD's... help!

A section of Kingwood dr closed - 5 years ago

I didn't see a tree - would like to know what happened.

Best realtor in kingwood - 6 years ago

Shalene Fox, Fox Realty. And she did give us a housewarming gift! :) She is amazing!

Left Lane on 59 - 7 years ago

[b]Well well... Research before you comment,[/b] I tried to politely explain this. It is the law. And 70 in a 65 is too slow, move over a lane. Most go 10mph over the speed limit safely. Have a nice d...

Left Lane on 59 - 7 years ago

I've always thought this to be the typical rule everywhere, a safety issue and regulation, in my link. I also ASSumed these postings out in the middle of no where Texas were reminders :) To me it's th...

Left Lane on 59 - 7 years ago

[i]What's the hurry? Leave your house earlier so you can enjoy the ride. [/i] No hurry for me but I want to go 65 until I hit the belt! Which means 70 ;) then 65 when we hit the 60 MPH :) I have a j...

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