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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-22, 3 years ago.

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Scanning The Board Titles... - 1 days ago

I have pretty much stopped listening to the news and stopped reading the forum titles and this site has been taken over by extremists on all sides. I know people who have lost friends and even fam...

Scanning The Board Titles... - 1 days ago

[i]I put up squirrel feeder in my hickory tree and its proven to supply some hearty laughs. And our purple Martin's are all nesting already. It's been a nature cacophony of late round these parts?[/i]...

stolen bike - 12 days ago

You might edit your title to say you found bike, I thought you lost a bike and were sad.

Inexpensive Wedding Venue - 13 days ago

[url=]Check this out in Old Town Spring[/url]

Inexpensive Wedding Venue - 14 days ago

I know someone who had a wedding at Alexander Deussen Park on Lake Houston. THey were married at a Gazebo that is on the water there and had a reception at an adjoining covered pavilion. I didn't at...

Lawn People - 17 days ago


Lawn People - 17 days ago

Anyone have an idea what a pallet of St Augustine would cost me? Any good recommendations on where to get it?

Where do older single adults meet people in Kingwood? - 18 days ago

church singles groups or Nico's bar, lol.

Does Sarah Huckabee have Bell's Palsy? - 21 days ago

I don't know what she looks like. But I listened to her on the Sirius radio in the car and I thought she did a great job. In fact,I was thinking as I was listening that she is much better at fielding...

Torchy's sign is up - 25 days ago

[i]"Now Hiring"! Opening is getting close! [/i] I was told at work it will be May 29th. That means I will get to try it by maybe next April since I don't do new restaurant opening crowds too well. ...

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