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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-22, 4 years ago.

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Why do the liberals seem to focus on attacking a KU member instead of the topic? - 89 days ago

I have you blocked so no worries! :)

Question about HOA fees - 90 days ago

Thanks. I thought that might be the case. I have a feeling I'll be loaning her the money,lol.

Question about HOA fees - 90 days ago

Does the HOA annual fees taken out of escrow or do you pay it directly? I paid cash for my home so I never had an escrow. My niece bought her first place about 6 months ago and she got an hoa bi...

$60K on Golf Carts! - 91 days ago

I don't care who it is. There needs to be some common sense here. Just like adult children being protected by the secret service and having them go on every darn vacation with them. Ridiculous. ...

House in N. Woodland Hills - 91 days ago

I saw it on the news a few weeks ago. There was some issue with it being tied up in an estate. The owners died and there were probate issues according to the news story I saw. It looks like i...

Old broken Metal Ironing Board - 92 days ago

Actually WM takes my big stuff on any pickup day I put it out on the curb. Same for my neighbors.

Old broken Metal Ironing Board - 92 days ago

if you have waste management just put on curb on big trash day

MaMa Fu's - 94 days ago

What did you order? I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone been to the new place up front by the Cicis pizza site? Its called Spice something.

So ... where to find Eclipse sunglasses in the Kingwood area? - 96 days ago

I saw them at Kroger over the weekend.

I just booked a CRUISE! - 100 days ago

That's great! I wish I was a cruise person. I like my solitude on holiday. But I have friends that have the best times on them and I'm always a little jealous when I hear their trip reports! Whe...

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