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Sweetest Cherub

I joined this crazy place on 2014-06-16, 7 years ago.

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Every day is a blessing. Never miss the opportunity to show your family how much they mean to you. :) I am a long time KUer, but took a year off and came back with a new name. Never take this place to seriously. Have fun and make friends. Life is too short for anything else. :)

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Have the Paramount apartments in Kingwood on 59 flooded? - 4 years ago

Does anyone live at the Paramount apartments in Kingwood on 59? Is there flooding there?

Dear Leader 1month report card - 4 years ago

Those of us who voted for him are thrilled with his first month. Keep up the great work Mr. President!

Trump's official! - 5 years ago

Yeah!!! Looking forward to a President who loves this country!!!

I found a perfect glossary of the KU majority - 5 years ago

You seriously need a life dude. Step outside and enjoy this beautiful weather once and a while instead of stalking and trolling on KU and God only knows what other sites all day long. Life's to shor...

It is not so great when... - 5 years ago

I agree Mutton! I for one am going to enjoy this beautiful weather and wonderful holiday coming up. For all our problems, we still live in the best country on earth and we all have a lot to be thank...

Cry Baby Trumpty - 5 years ago

Joe seriously need to grow up. You are the biggest racist on this site. Not one person here takes you seriously. Your entire goal is to cause further division between blacks and whites. ...

WOW...The press is mad because - 5 years ago

It is gonna be a whole new world for the He will not kiss their butts like previous administrations, nor should he have to. It is their own fault. Because of their overwhelming bias, th...

Not liking some potential Trump cabinet picks - 5 years ago

I think Giuliani would be a great sec of state. He knows many of the players around the world and could hit the ground running from day one. I don't like Cruz as AG. One, I think he would be to pola...

Glad it's over - 5 years ago

Amen to that! So glad to finally put this exhausting election behind us and enjoy the holidays! God bless this country.

What do you think of the new HEB? - 5 years ago

We loved it!

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