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My Big Boy Healthcare Plan - 9 min ago

Yes it is. When they don't have anything to complain about they trigger each other. LOL

The Current Lawsuits against the DNC that no one is talking about - 10 min ago

[i]Frankly I can't believe Fox and other MSM isn't covering all the lawsuits hanging over Trump's head right now.[/i] Actually, they aren't suing him personally but as President. They don't like wh...

Melania evades Trump's hand again - 23 min ago

WOW....that's all they have. They must be getting desperate. LOL

The alt-right terrorism response guide - 24 min ago

fuzz trump must be having a bad day. Look at all the negative threads he has started today. He can't even come up with anything original. Here is the original post that fuzzball copied (note the...

Fox retracts fake news Seth rich conspiracy story - 25 min ago they took it down, so what. At least they did that whereas your beloved CNN or NYT runs with a story even when it has been proven wrong. I don't mind them pulling the story. It proves my poi...

How about that Flynn Debacle? - 9 hours ago

[i]Dorothy Parker --- 52 sec ago - quote - hide comments President Trump said himself, pleading the fifth means you're guilty and have something to hide. [/i] Then, according to your logic, all of...

Where are the Comey Memos? - 9 hours ago

[i]Dorothy Parker --- 57 sec ago - quote - hide comments Wow! You came outta that ice box fired up! Must have been a rough 4 days for you...lmao.?[/i] That's the second time dip has accused so...

tRump broke promise to not cut Medicaid - 9 hours ago

Well said!

How about that Flynn Debacle? - 9 hours ago

Have you noticed that it was okay for Hillary's cohorts to plead the fifth? Nothing was said about that. Yet not okay for Flynn to use the same thing. It's the dumbocraps double standard at work again...

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Russia, Russia, Russia - 9 hours ago

He still didn't dispute what was in the emails, did he? Nor did he dispute that Biden said she was a bad candidate.

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