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Article of Impeachment introduced - 1 hours ago

Also, maybe the committees in Congress should read the laws and rules too. They might learn something. And so should the special prosecutor.

Article of Impeachment introduced - 1 hours ago

[i]AMDG --- 22 hours ago - quote - hide comments The pertinent paragraphs: Daniel - I am no lawyer, and didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night - but pretty darn sure that loving the possibility o...

Let Donnie Junior Get his Story straight - 9 hours ago

It has also come out that even if the Russian lawyer had given Junior dirt on HRC it would have been legal for the campaign to use it unless (the only caveats) the info was classified or stolen. It no...

Let Donnie Junior Get his Story straight - 10 hours ago

PS...foreign nationals can even sit in strategy meetings as long as they are not paid.

Let Donnie Junior Get his Story straight - 10 hours ago

According to the FEC rules, it's okay for a foreign national to help a presidential campaign as long as they aren't paid. Oops...there goes the collusion of Junior as the foreign national wasn't paid....

Article of Impeachment introduced - 10 hours ago

It should all be over by next Wed evening. By then every one will have testified and the whole world will know it was a bunch of nothing and the press will look foolish AGAIN.

New game in town - 10 hours ago

[i]Butterbean --- 6 hours ago - quote - hide comments Over 4M and counting... Love the jungle.?[/i] There are lots of sick people out there. Just because there are large numbers of people doesn...

Poll: Hillary Clinton Is Less Popular Than Trump - 10 hours ago

[i]The Idiot in Chief is worst president ever, in collusion with his Comrades. Will be hung.[/i] Please tell me about the proof you have to make a statement like that. BTW...maybe you should read t...

North Korean officers are tough! - 10 hours ago

^^^^^^^ +1

Trump hires American... - 10 hours ago

I don't believe the President is involved with running his companies. He was forced to give up control. Therefore, since he had no say in what is happening there is not way to blame him.

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