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trump extends NK nuclear threat - 1 days ago

But I thought the summit was a roaring success, and NK will bow to the great Donald trump. How can this be? Donald Trump has extended a decade-long state of national emergency over the threat po...

The best political ad you will ever see - 1 days ago

Sure is a kick in the pants to those Republicans that believe the hype that Democrats don't serve - this woman has the talent, the grit, and the determination to go far. If she can take on the Taliban...

The best political ad you will ever see - 1 days ago


Manafort is in jail - 1 days ago

[i]It all happened before Trump hired him. Years before....I'll bet it wasn't on his resume. You lefties can't seem to grasp that fact. [/i] Some of the charges may have been prior to his hiring, b...

No taking children from parents!!! - 1 days ago

[i]Children should not be political fodder.[/i] trump literally said he was using migrant children as leverage, and a political tool, to get funding for a wall. He said that - so yeah, children sho...

Children Crying at Border - 2 days ago

[i]So the President did what the democrats wanted him to do and guess what....they are now attacking his executive order. So the argument was never about immigration but about trying to win the midter...

Children Crying at Border - 2 days ago

[i]Actually it was Clinton that had the law passed and as I've said before ....other Presidents, including Obama, separated children, like they are doing now. Where was the outrage when that was happe...

To all Spanish speakers out there - 2 days ago

Watch Peter Strzok Bring Down The Mueller Investigation - 2 days ago

You think an anti-trump FBI agent is going to flip and sing? You're so cute. [i]wait till that canary michael cohen starts tweeting to save his own sorry arse. [/i] Close sources says he is...

General Electric gets booted from the Dow! - 3 days ago

trump sure is making America great, isn't he? All those tariffs, too? #maga

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