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I joined this crazy place on 2005-05-26, 18 years ago.

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Blue puddle - 4 years ago

The weird characters are probably from your phone using smart (leaning one way or the other) quotes instead of regular apostrophe's

KU problems - 4 years ago

[i]A new board format would be welcomed.[/i] Yes, it would. However, it would require a whole lotta work, and we are already up to our ears in other projects, and KU is pretty far down the list. [i...

KU problems - 4 years ago

An update: Things should be a lot better now. We've blocked the spammy requests from Chinese bots and cut down on the superfluous logging, as well as migrated over to Tomcat for serving pages. Th...

Does the site owner have plans to upgrade this place? - 4 years ago

@KwMillennial - this forum doesn't make the owners any money. In fact, it's almost certainly a net loss. You are correct that it hasn't been updated in several years, and it is unlikely to see any u...

Does the site owner have plans to upgrade this place? - 4 years ago

@DVaz - such comments are highly inappropriate for this forum, not to mention untrue. You are in violation of the very first rule, i.e. defaming someone. If you really cannot control yourself, ple...

KU problems - 4 years ago

Hi All, I apologize for the issues KU has had over the weekend. We've seen a huge surge in traffic, and it has overpowered the ancient architecture KU is built on. We're in the process of updat...

Can the admin fix the redirects? - 5 years ago

@Dorothy and @0123456789 - do you get the same pop-over if you use a different browser? I'd love to fix it, but the ads appear to be behaving themselves for me.

GUNS: Third leading cause of DEATH in CHILDREN - 6 years ago

True innocent children being killed is a tragedy. However, stories like this typically hide where they get their numbers, and for good reason: the definition of "child" often goes up to at least 18. ...

Listen older people - 6 years ago

There's an old saying that goes like this: "20-something and conservative: no heart. 30-something and liberal: no brain."

DNC disarray - 6 years ago

This kind of thing happens after every election on the losing side. It happened to the GOP a few years back. Steele got the boot and Priebus got put in his place.

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